Sunday, December 6, 2015

Inside Job

Right now is a great time to show kind thanks for my inner being.  While death is inevitable choosing to exercise grace, awe and wonder is optional.  Neither avoiding nor holding on too tight may I embrace my present experience as the journey.  May I be fearless, joyful and peaceful.  Fully enthusiastic may my heart be happy, free and well!

Since I will never know when my last breath will be why not then celebrate every moment as my last.  Not to be morbid yet fully fearless, awake, and accepting to whatever comes my way. Otherwise my anxiety may escalate into greater fear and negative states of being.

Facing my limited time here, and embracing to leave this dimension with an intention of enthusiasm and appreciation, may I remember that in any given moment I can be alive in each breath. 

I can be filled with joy, presence and possibility or I can be sad, fearful and stuck in my anxiety.  Breaking from past conditioning I can reframe these patterns into the gifts to be fully heartfelt

How can I best cultivate a kind, peaceful and free way of being?  Show the greatest form of self love where I embody grace, wise response allowing moment to moment awareness to be my guide.

What has heart and meaning comes when I listen to my inner truth.  Observing and discerning my shadows I can learn by waking up instead of my old habit of  judging .  Embracing my defects I find that home is right where my heart is.  All things are sacred if only I can remember to arrive back here and now.

It is time for me to let go of old ancestral messages that I am not enough.  For me to fully foster a mindset of grace I enjoy what is fully present.  This in turn moves me in greater peace, love, and courage further expanding my luminous and empathetic abilities. 

I am not tentative, I no longer doubt, I embrace my shortcomings.  Patiently I wait so I may find that harmonious relations will respond in kind. 

Since all things are connected I can best show reverence to life’s sacred hoop being well. 

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