Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Ethics of Truly Being

Living well for me is about treating people, places and things with care, and profound respect.  When I humbly remember not to bring harm to these things, I give myself an amazing gift of higher self-care.  My moral awareness is constantly observing my decisions and how they affect my world. When I experience the consequences of my actions, I can reflect upon what was skillful and how it brought benefits to the the things I value.  The key is an honest and open assessment on how well I am living by my core beliefs.  
Over the years I have been refining the way I live according to this life-intention to honor what matters deep in my heart.  It is a work in progress and I approach it with humility.  Such evaluation allows me to cultivate what I value most.  Wise moral development is paramount to my very well-being.

At any given moment I can seek alignment with more a wholesome way of being....  Can I honor a kind, humble and observant lifestyle with conscientious deeds and words?  Or do I choose to become self-absorbed and go forth with false values?

Specific people in my life have been my champions and I have emulated them over the years.   Generous, attentive, considerate, their examples have been powerful and inspired me to greater self-actualization.  However, on my journey there have been many detours and lessons reminding me to keep on course.   Remembering my difficult times has allowed me to review whatever does not best serve me.
One intention I attempt to live by is showing reverence to all things.  Whether it be a resource or a person, or even a place, I try to appreciate it for what it is.  I try to meet people where they are, without judgement.  And the same for myself.  I believe that what you plant, you harvest. In some mysterious way, this respectful perspective brings me what I call “happy returns.”  I have rituals to express symbolically my compassion for the world, and they help me discover what is kind and caring in every situation that arises.

When I forget to be in this mindset, I find my life losing meaning and I become emotionally diverted.  My ethical synthesis is about resolving what is profoundly true for me.  Listening in stillness, I contemplate what matters deep in my soul.  Also I am learning to focus on my actions: I can only demonstrate through my own deeds.  With each choice, I am responsible for creating heaven or hell for every cell of my being.

I am careful regarding language, since there are many definitions and concepts to do with such words as “moral” and “ethics.”  Being ethical for me is really a form of counting my blessings.  The things I treasure, in return, bring treasure to me.  Whether I am reading, listening and/or contemplating, I try to nourish my gratitude... love, be loved, and show self-care that expands into a sense of service to all the things that matter.  Well-being and ethical being are one and the same.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Star Dust Abounds

Enlighten across the cosmic darkness
May One show merciful kindness
The merging of dark light in peace
Polar forces allowing a harmony to release

Dense clouds of depression appear
Birthing an inner courage overcoming fear
Breaking free to a wiser choice
In the shadows of star shine rejoice

Blessed new born so pure
A devoted well-being and cure
Solar medicine for spiritual illness
Healing by the silence of stillness

Awe and other heavenly assistance
Reducing pain and lessening resistance
Transmuting space from horrific fright
Releasing All with luminous light

All things enter this universal mix
Cosmic chaos, a mysterious fix
Interconnected by a galactic bust
Once again collective star dust

Monday, February 10, 2014


The prefix of most words with Re transforms my world.  This prefix refreshes my perspective.   I find greater wonders when I rewire my brain.  Simply when I change my outlook when I remember and exercise renewed awareness.  With this widening circle of consciousness I reclaim greater prosperity in my life.  Changing my way I reference or refer to things reenhances my entire well-being.  Reshifting my mind and I reopen the doors to a fresh fantastic new adventure.

Reforming my emotional baggage such as worry, anxiety and other fear based feelings gets me to relearn to see the positive from the negative.  I can observe what is going on instead adding my own drama to my immediate reality.

First I need to recognize I have a choice to reawaken.  What lens do I wish to see things.  My old story which is like I am looking through a dirty window.  When I open to new experience then I activate my well being.   Years ago I shared with a therapist my feelings of anxious energy and how I felt like a buzzing fluorescent light bulb.  It has taken me many years to rediscover this feeling is my life force or chi energy. 

The difference is how I choose to perceive and look at my current circumstances Is filled with Velcro for the bad and Teflon for the good or vice versa? I can reformat my brain just as I can take the remote and change the T.V. channel. 

When I reawaken I enjoy greater freedom.  Fully arriving or reexperience  I can rejoice at whatever arises whether it is a blessing, or a curse.  Upon this reexamination I may find greater balance from these events.  I also can honestly reconsider how I feel, when I respond versus when I react.   

I can respond by pausing and reflect the cause and effect of what I do.  When a react I fell less like an actor or more like I am mindlessly a reactor.  Reawakening to face the consequences of reacting I fell less present in my reactions.  Responding I feel more responsible and thus more aware and liberated by my actions.

We live in times filled with escalating anxiety and worry.  However, I can renew my energy and reclaim new Chi. When I reframe my thoughts with the power of focusing on my specific intentions I reclaim this loss Chi.   Releasing myself from many of my negative mind-sets I let go of much darkness.  Now I can relight my ultimate potential with less stress and more well-being. The magic of reawakening with Re stimulates new possibility and potential.