Saturday, January 9, 2010

Star Waltz

Our attraction is a planetary dance caused by an orbit of our hearts

Apart of this starlit waltz light reflects and refracts amidst the dark heavens

We share both karma and gravity as galactic lovers rotating and revolving

This sharing of celestial space awakens an inner spark as our souls emerge

An inner mixture of stardust sculpted into blood, bone, tissue and wave lengths

Our spirits venture in space filled with joy, sadness, tears and laughter

Our interconnected energy field emits mirth, woe and everything in between

This magnetic phenomenon opens new dimensions of possibilities and realms

Matter, sensations, emotions, thoughts and consciousness all interweaving

Exploring the frontiers of this pulsation a sense of still compassion arises

A place where awareness cultivating peace, harmony into a tranquil oneness

An organic meeting that illuminates with a divine arrival of grace

Beyond our carbon small self interconnects a bright higher spirit

This bountiful universal source balances the cycles of our birth and death

Just as the night sky is filled with endless stars and black holes

Two planets lovingly spin around together attracted by each

Twirling and obeying quantum laws merging the known with the unknown

Such a quilt of energy, atoms, light and the mystery of psychic like minds

So tiny yet enormous these celestial organisms form greater milky ways

Shimmer and sparking light beholding the dark of this infinite time-place

Separate and the same affecting our cosmic journey with a twinkle of a star