Friday, January 16, 2009

Celebrating Your Higher Self

There is no better feeling when I tap my higher self. When I do not separate myself from my world things divine begin to happen. There are my many sacred ways enter this place. When I am in nature, sharing the company of others, singing, dancing, meditation, prayer, pausing or other magical encounters.

This sense of oneness arises when I fully show up. Also, when I am not being preoccupied, rushed, and anxious or in some place where I am not totally there. I become more vital with this natural flow of experience. This non separate self is about arriving where into the present.

The question for me is how to train myself to show us to life and to constantly remember not to be caught in up in "the many stories" or self talk that my ego slips into. One trick for me is to fell less in my head focus on my body sensations.

My favorite activity is go to the woods and allow of my senses to smell, hear, feel, see and taste what is happening outside at that very moment. How liberated this makes me feel when I can simply show up!

However, my mind is a very tricky and complicated thing. My thinking is like a radio on scan going to hundreds of different channels of reception. My secretion of thoughts is like my constant production of cells and enzymes. While thinking is necessary, part of which we are, it use to drive me crazy that way its goes non stop and repeats most of the same old thousands of thoughts every day. When I do not get so identified by my mind and tap into awareness I free myself from unnecessary inner dialogue

I have found that when I look closely at many of my thoughts is there is some form of dissatisfaction. Also I recognize that wanting drives much my minds as does fears. The incessant flow of thoughts can create the concepts about how life is, instead of directly allowing our senses to experience reality.

Much of my thinking can become self-absorbed with what is wrong we me, what’s lacking and other uncertain ideas that divide me from what is truly going on. This process can disconnect me instead of engage me with my world because my judgments create a separate reality. The simple act of observing allows me to see what is happening. While over judging prevents me from showing up to seeing the divine.

When I transform my mind I can lessen my creation of suffering. Also, I can discover what is true and enjoy a richer life.

When I can see, learn and accept my thought patterns then I can awaken. Next I can not be so identified by my thoughts and become free of them. I make my own mental prisons and I can unlock their very doors. How can I best show up to see the truth of my thoughts? When I observe the nature of my mind and see its pattern then I know what to expect. I easily become identified with my thinking and I need to remember that this is not who I am. Also, thoughts will pass with time so I must just watch and wait. Finally, my thoughts are like my breathing, I cannot fully control them so I must not take my thinking so personal.

I must focus on the hundreds ways of relaxing. For example riding a horse forces me to be relax and mindful. If I think about negative or fear things the horse picks up on this and may panic with me on it. Just like if I am rock climbing I am placed in a situation of being in the moment of face the consequences of falling. The latter is not the option I want to focus on.

In closing my higher self is about me becoming more whole and or holy. My higher self is a whole which unites the sum of my parts. Let’s celebrate showing up and pay full attention to what truly matters our higher self!