Sunday, July 11, 2010

Relax Now!

There is no greater form of self love then for me to explore my full relaxation potential. Relaxing in the now allows me to cultivate new ways to celebrate arriving in the present. There are countless relaxation rituals and techniques to help me fully find this moment to moment grace including deep breathing, mindful movement, visualization, muscle relaxation, and meditation. Such experimentation and practice of such techniques reduces my stress, improve my health, and increase feelings of joy and serenity. In addition to developing essential calming skills, relaxing now enhance my energy, sharpens my focus and expands my overall wellness.

One highly effective stress-relief practice for me to focus on releasing tension wherever it arises in my body. Another is when work to soften any angst in my feet and gradually work my way up the body to release muscle tension everywhere. Other relaxation techniques include cultivation of mindfulness with a deep focus in the present moment, simple visualization exercises, and use of the breath to lessen both mental and physical tensions and to maximize my fullest relaxation potential.

Cultivating new ways to lessen stress has the potential to improve every facet of my life allowing me to expand my quality of experience. Also relaxation allows me shift out of me being so identified with my thoughts and anxieties. This is not simple overcoming tremendous forms of fear and resistance. This relaxation happens when I can find a space where I can lessen my stress. Next I set an intention or any ritual that invites me to focus in relaxing now in the present.

Shifting my intention to find greater calm and stillness I arrive in tranquil area of consciousness. There are many techniques to achieve this attention that may shift from observing things from near to far away. This form of letting go or releasing comes from both active or passive skills. Also such creating a more relaxed mind-set also comes from either prayer or meditation allowing us to take refuge outside our ego-centered self.

There are additional ways to best relax my mind. Fostering appreciation and loving kindness as I follows my breath or listens to the nature of sounds. Just as when water is allowed to be still it becomes clear just as our heart/mind connection.

Relaxation and visualizing methods are key championship skills not just in sports but in all life endeavors. There are two outcomes of this relaxed concentration. An awareness of what is happening as it is happening. And, what is my relationship to this happening?

As I explore stress reduction direct experience where we can shift and expand my attention to moment to moment awareness. Whether to body sensations, noise, or other anchors to bring me to the here and now as we improve the nature of our specific attention to whatever object of meditation appears.

There are bountiful possibilities to relax now- whether walking, standing, speaking, and lying down. Even recreational endeavors and a diversity of practices offer me a rich and blessed experience when I deeply focus in the moment because I pause to become relaxed. Awakening my relaxation skills result in greater clarity, insights and a sense of tranquility. Relaxing now helps me to remember that I can lessen my suffering with explore better ways to reduce stress and fully enjoy my life.