Monday, November 23, 2015

Grateful for Thanksgiving

Every day I try to celebrate with Thanksgiving.   It is always a wonderful time to count my blessings. Appreciation constantly gives me the gift to cherish I am alive.  Generosity and kindness are the virtuous acts that I get from my appreciation.  Such gratitude may open new doors of possibility for me.  Also I tap a higher relationship with all things.

The idea of Thanksgiving gives me a sense of peace and grace. I live in a critical time where generosity greatly matters. By giving, I both awaken and liberate myself with the ulitimate gift of altruisim. When I hold on to things too long this causes me a painful disconnection. By becoming more mindful of how I take things, I can better return things and thus benefit from what I call, "Happy Returns." This outcome arises from being humble and observing my ultimate interconnection with my beloved world.

It's incredible that 67 million years ago trees, flowers, birds, bees and other things came into being.  Just 6 million years ago the first American migrated here. When whites came here at Jamestown, Virginia, Arthur Barlow remarked of the Poona's: "A more kind and loving people cannot be found in the world."

My ancestry dates back to the first born off the Mayflower. And this is doubtless why I believe thanksgiving is every day. We all ought to constantly count our blessings. The Iroquois celebrate their appreciation of this earth for days at a time, showing gratitude for all aspects of nature. Today we can share these wise earth teachings if we pay our respects to what we are so fortunate to have.

Each one of us can widen our collective circle of connection and love.  Now we have an opportunity to magnify our thanks by showing our boundless possibilities of compassion. If only we make this intention and take the time to show our gratitude then an upward spiral happens.

Let's celebrate our Thanksgiving with plentiful kind and generous acts. Giving appreciation is the greatest blessing we can give ourselves, thanking our surroundings and feeling good about our life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heart, but must be felt with the heart- Helen Keller

I am inspired how all things somehow inter-relate.  To constantly remember my oneness fills me with profound joy.  I term this rejoy where I touch a miraculous heart and meaning experience.  These mystical inter-relationships recharge me with greater luminosity.
Since all things are transient and so is my greater self.  We all are tied to collective connection of materials created by the earth, air, water, energy and other sources.  These elements both allow me to enjoy the sacredness of all things and to live.

I find liberation in our finite oneness. Here I find an unlimited treasure of joy and grace. When I look up to star filled night sky this experience unites me beyond what words may describe.

Beyond my personal issues I lessen my sense of separation. For example when I get distracted about selfish silly wants I disconnect from hub or source of oneness. Less joy then results. Remembering to just simply reconnect, I awaken to the collective unification by observing nature.  This expanded consciousness acts like a new birth.  Such possibilities fosters greater happiness.

When I let go of my self-consuming concepts I touch a place without causes or conditions.  This pure consciousness illuminates me with greater loving- friendliness and grace.  I benefit from this selfless rejoy experience.

Expanding my heart takes courage since such new exploration at first can be frightening.   However, a compassionate trust alters my mental conditioning and habits that once trap me with much fear, and despair.  The very word enlightenment is all about merging into the one.  This dissolves my miserable issues like a cloud in the sky freeing me of limitations.

All things in this cosmos intersect in one divine point.  All things exist dependent upon other entities. I am no different. Numerous conditions and causes results in nothing being independent since the environment shapes organisms by interchanging webs of food, nutrients and other forms interconnection.  Networks of ecosystems exchange birth, death, decay as energy material is constantly being recycled. 

Once I allow my contracted self to let go I elevate my well-being.  All things become unified by this mystical togetherness.  This oneness is beyond, words, thoughts, beliefs, concepts.  A state of oneness is beyond an idea.  Here unity, peace, and the mystery of wholeness exist. Separateness ceases and any sense of concepts are lost.  The sum of the parts unites me together in a luminous whole.  Profoundly aware I find this unified mind-set best happens for me in a pristine natural setting.

Such awakened oneness is not about one belief versus another belief.  This divine spirit is about a deep trust of the greater self.  Exploring my divine nature, I deeply listen and become one through my transformative direct experience I call rejoy.

Inspired by “With One Voice”

May I give my thanks to all life's gifts, and further count my blessings.
May I pay my respect to how all things are interconnected.
May I give thanks to the air and my lungs that I breathe.
My I give thanks to the sun and my heart that provides energy.
May I give thanks to my body and water that provides life.
May I give thanks to my spirit and the land that sustains me. 
Thanks to all my ancestors and future beings. 
Thanks to all the things on the earth that make life happen.
Thanks to our amazing web that unites all together