Saturday, September 6, 2008

Devotion to the Truth

I must face my future challenges with a passion for the truth. However, this process tests my personal comfort level. My own search to find out what is going on has made me feel vulnerable and raw. Awakening to what is happening now in this country requires much courage. Denial is a subtle form of violence in America. Ignorance, greed and other habitual forces are undermining our collective need to preserve our future. Our societal love of the “status quo” and aversion to change is a hidden form of emotional terrorism. Our greatest threat today is our honest relationship with ourselves and our world.

It is time for me to address my crisis so to be honest with myself. This also pertains to acknowledging our collective heart. Somehow if I allow fear, doubt and other negative thoughts take over then I lose my way. I have attempted to push my limits including extensive exploration of my consciousness

To be fully present with today’s turmoil, I intend to act from a sense of inspiration instead of desperation. Fostering many wise teachings I must transform my life style even further to show greater respect for all places, people and things. Moreover, I now must redefine both my relationship with myself. Also when I remember to serve our fragile planet I help myself since we are not separate. May I show devotion to this awakening and seek what is true. I wish to be free and live in better way!