Friday, December 20, 2013

A Virtuous Legacy

I am really inspired by the wonderful legacy that previous generations worked so hard to leave for us. In the spirit of making this world a better place, I want to continue this virtue by passing on to the future the gifts that have blessed me.
With the New Year coming, I am filled with amazing gratitude for things so simple yet fantastic, for example, the 3 billion beats of our heart that an average life celebrates. The message I want to gift to the next generations is a sense of wonder, awe and possibility. Once I was preparing to get a financial license to be of greater service. Then I had a revelation that it was Life Assurance, not life insurance, that I wanted to sell! I aspire to foster optimism and new ingenuity for the prospect of making the best of whatever life offers in the future. I want to show how peace and harmony always bring a sense of coming home.
Each letter of the word HOME helps me remember some of life's blessings that I want pass on.
Humility for knowing that I truly do not know. In my  quest for finding answers to life's mystery, I simply gather more and more questions.
Openness to the possibility of seeing something in a truly new way; beyond what I always thought, and new to the core of my heart.
Magic shows up everywhere when I pay attention with deep appreciation to the ordinary. And the simple intention to be of benefit or service allows magic to happen
Enthusiasm for all things.  Find the water in the desert. Find what is juicy beneath the dry and worn out.  This is where I enrich my well-being and expand to new frontier of awareness. Cherish all things and show reverence of even the difficult dark stuff. Being gentle with myself is my quest and lifelong challenge

After I leave this world to join the ancestors, may my legacy be the flight of a hawk, not a bulldozer building a parking lot. May I show thanks for the divine guidance that has come from my ancestors: to bestow kind and selfless acts. May this compassion and empathy expand and ripple outward just as a stone does when it is thrown in a still pond, spreading joy and well-being.
The key legacy is that I live in greater harmony, to focus on greater service. Have I been humble and generous?  Have I been open to new adventure and experience?  Have I shared my magic with all things?  And finally how has my enthusiasm created new ripples to inspire and benefit others? This quest best leads me home:  where my heart gently beats to celebrate my sacred time on this earth.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart.  - Helen Keller

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Centering is an exercise of maintaining awareness in every moment.  To gather and consolidate energy is much more beneficial than scattering it. Centering involves focus and being present in each second. When I climb up a ladder, I understand why it is important to be aware of each centered step. Simple things like riding a bicycle or driving a car are examples of why it is important to be mindful and centered. Bringing a focus to my physical reality, with a keen awareness on how my body feels in the “now” expands my potential for experience. I actually become aware of a new level of happiness and vitality in the "here". Like in the eye of a hurricane, relax and find stillness in the middle.
Such a simple practice of checking into my body gives me the opportunity to listen to the beat of my heart - listening at a core level. It allows me to just "be", getting me out of my head with its distracting thoughts and judgments. Beneath the mind chatter, this practice uncovers a deeper perspective on the greater self. Now I am beyond my emotional stories and the concepts that imprison me. Perhaps paradoxically, I can better observe what is happening around me and make fewer premature judgments about my present experience.

Where is The Center: the core; the heart; and the body?
What becomes centered:  Awareness and energy?

Experiment with centering by first getting yourself in a comfortable sitting posture. Next draw your attention into your body. Watch how your lungs fill up with air and then how you exhale. How does the air touch your nose or mouth? Feel how your bottom connects with the chair, your feet with the floor. Explore by taking a quick body-scan. Feel the heat or tingling of your skin. Notice how you can relax your muscles, mind, and bones when you are more sensitive to bodily sensations. Observe what happens when you pay attention to your physical senses how they arise and fall away.

As you focus on these bodily qualities, become curious about them, but not in a heady way. Be curious in the realm of textures, temperatures, and the quality of feeling (e.g. tired, restless, energetic, nervous, and pulsating). What is happening now in your body? Then wait several minutes and see if what was happening is still happening in the same way. Centering always brings you back to core body sensations. Do they change much or just shift slightly? Is there a kind of easing or opening, a sense of being firmly grounded?

The power of centering comes when you shift from your head to your body, as you give it interested, friendly attention. Reframe what is going on beyond emotions. Invite yourself to become playful and fully explore all aspects of your body.

Bring a creative quality to this exercise. Does your stomach make noises?  Have you changed your breathing? Can you open, and soften so as to release any tension in your body? Does relaxing help you find a better center? See the body as like a changing weather system.

Let go and relax: just observe your center without resistance. Release tension by softening the muscles, from your feet, ankles, calves, knees, hamstrings, stomach, back, shoulders, throat, jaw, mouth, eyes, and scalp. Feel all these parts wake up as you become present to them.  Awaken yourself to your own relaxed center. Be, breathe, and enjoy!