Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

Every day let’s celebrate with Thanksgiving.   It is always a wonderful time to count our blessings. Appreciation constantly gives us the gift to cherish we are alive.  Generosity and kindness are the virtuous acts that will arise out of this thankful mind set.  Such gratitude may open new doors of possibility and divine relationship with all things.

Thanksgiving fosters peace and grace with all things evident of this altruistic spirit. We live in a critical time where generosity greatly matters. By giving, we both awaken and liberate ourselves. When we hold on to things too long this causes a painful form of separation. By becoming more mindful of how we take things, we can better return things and thus benefit from a achieving a higher level of freedom. Such responsible action comes from being humble and observing our ultimate interconnection with our mysterious world.

It's incredible that 67 million years ago trees, flowers, birds, bees and other things came into being.  Just 6 million years ago the first American migrated here. When whites came here at Jamestown, Virginia, Arthur Barlow remarked of the Poona's: "A more kind and loving people cannot be found in the world."

My ancestry dates back to the first born off the Mayflower. And this is doubtless why I believe thanksgiving is every day. We all ought to constantly count our blessings. The Iroquois celebrate their appreciation of this earth for days at a time, showing gratitude for all aspects of nature. Today we can share these wise earth teachings if we pay our respects to what we are so fortunate to have.

Each one of us can widen our collective circle of connection and love.  Now we have an opportunity to magnify our thanks by showing our boundless possibilities of compassion. If only we make this intention and take the time to show our gratitude.

Let us foster pure hearts, and act to make wise choices. Let's celebrate our Thanksgiving with plentiful kind and generous acts. There is divine radiance when we salvage things instead of destroying them. Giving back is the ultimate way of blessing ourselves, thanking our surroundings and feeling good about our life.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Earth Heart Intention

Earth Heart celebrates the unification of our body and spirit.  We all share, come from and return to, the earth.   Also we all are connected by a common thread of these earth elements: air, fire, and water.  We are one and the same with all things in this world. Everything is made up of earth including our flesh; bones, blood, organs and skin are comprised of these shared elements.

Awakening that our heart and the earth are tied together unifies and liberates us.  Seeing the interconnection that goes beyond the surface is an amazing extension of community.  Love and understanding enters greatly in this cosmic realization.  Such inner being is the portal to oneness and all being.  This is the highest level of consciousness; seeing the unity of all things.

Just as a tree nourishes us we nourish it with the air we breathe and the oxygen trees return to us.  All natural cycles balance life sustaining properties to sustain this world. All things we smell, taste, touch, hear, and feel connect some how in some way . For example all living things rely on water as does, carbon and other common elements.

Awareness equates with well-being, just as love of the planet elevates our consciousness.  Our collective heart guides us to the truth of our mutual connections.  Awakening to our common relationship with all things, comes through devoted contemplation.  Also stillness and a profound listening amplify this meditation.  This revelation for life frees us to fully see the universal spider’s web weaving together all beings and our greater oneness. 

There is universal collective exchange of love, light and nourishment.  Awakening to our greater truth allows us to fully arrive to our everlasting home, free and clear as the night sky.  There is no accident that both earth and heart share exactly the same letters.

Earth Heart Poem

May I see my greater connection where nothing is separate
May I listen to stillness and a profound form of hereness, fully present
May I observe the sacred bonds since all things are gratefully shared
May I know how all things are filled with air, fire, water, earth intermingling
May I contemplate on how my body and the world act in unity.
May I see that even things without life have a soul connection
May I behold how we all are related and share the same things

May we find our common bonds tied to a universal home
May we explore the deeper truth of our deepest origins
May we understand how we emulate nature and it emulates us.
May we harmonize our inner being with the greater all beings
May we give thanks and forgiveness to observe not judge
May we gather together to celebrate our common unity
May we be liberated, may we be free and clear