Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Challenge

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our disposition not our circumstances.  Martha Washington

Life is filled with bountiful challenges.  How we address or relate to this adventure provides me with a question of what my attitude is at each bend and turn.
As a visitor here, I can be a receiver, giver or some other role. What goes around may also come around depending upon what seeds of the future I plant.
The magic of my exploration is about what is my intention is.  I create my reality in many ways depending on my mindset.  If I am in a positive frame of mind things tend to be better than when I am negative.  It is not that I have to wear rose colored glasses rather I approach things as opportunities not difficulties.

First- Find a common language. Words can either connect or disconnect people to the same concept.   Many words can be easily misunderstood. What is said and how it is spoken is paramount since communication is essential to quality relationships.

Second- Concentrate on being well.  Paying attention to the wealth associate in wholesome mental states is the best cheapest investment I can make to cultivate future prosperity.  My health is my greatest asset.

Third-  ART or a form of self expression that incorporates- Appreciation, Resolve and Transform.  
-Appreciation is the source is true wealth and happiness.
-Resolve activates me to share my creativity.
-Transform is what happens in the artistic process.

Fourth- Listening allows me to access better my intuition.  Hearing from a place of being still and open gives me clarity and insight.

Fifth- Observe Cause and Effect Relationships.  By seeing the nature of how things work and what happens when I do one thing and what results I benefit. 

Six- Celebrate our greater unification and the big picture.  Life's greatest challenge is to remember we are not separate but connected to all things.  My greatest moments in my life are spent when a feel the whole not the sum of the parts.  I celebrate this sense of harmony and oneness with countless loving acts. 

My life is becomes richer when I a relate to its challenge to find how I can benefit instead of the opposite. Coming from an attitude filled with gratitude I see the blessings in any curses that arise.
Life is not matter of holding good cards, but playing  a poor hand well.  RL Stevenson

Friday, July 18, 2014

Going to the Next Level

A wise men makes more opportunities than he finds- F Bacon

To achieve my full potential I term going to the next level. This journey is all about quieting my mind and listening to my heart.

For me giving my best to the world is a gift that is return in what I call "Happy Returns." I have been involved with all aspects of recycling so naturally I refer to the three R’s for guidance.

1) Reduce my suffering by giving my best to the world so to reap its rewards.
2) Reuse my many strengths such as joy, love and enthusiasm.
3) Recycle things with purpose and fully using what is here and now.

Happy Returns is about creating an attitude of gratitude. Also it aids me to explore more creative ways to cherish people, energy and resources. To reach my full potential I must cultivate my virtue, time and or my talents. I intend get more than just the return on my investment but the return of my life investment.

As a lifelong tennis player and teacher I focus on giving "happy returns" both on and off the courts. There are many similarities to playing tennis and serving our beloved earth. One is keeping things in play. Another is to learn how to better serve. The ultimate game in my life now is living to my full potential or giving my best in all aspects of my life.

May I be fearless enough to venture to the next level to go beyond my old patterns that detains me from my higher calling.  Ignoring my negative self talk and past delusions may I attract new opportunities and be of greater service.

I visualize the stars above are melting my icy doubt into new drops of water further changing into a rainbow mist of new possibilities.  Born is attention to "excel" awakening my spirit to an inspired, life-changing, focused awakening. Beyond the mundane, dull, lethargic, mind state to "observe" how my body/mind sensations may let go of my negative unconscious energy. so to now to dazzle. My losses become transmuted into gains only when I realize their lessons as I mentally shifted from my limbic system to my frontal cortex.  I liberate my soul from much of my reptilian mental baggage. A dazzling shooting star of vibrancy comes out of my heart.

May I go to the next level of my potential. Reduce my suffering; reuse my gratitude; and recycle all that I can so to better serve.

No one’s destiny has been written. You are born with potential, not a limited destiny. Whether or not you reach the fullest potential that is available to you is a matter of choices that you make.
Gary Zukav

Friday, July 11, 2014

Unifying Spiritual Cooperation

Throughout our time here on the earth we have sought a spiritual connection. Religious people and institutions have best attempted to meet this need. However, numerous circumstances have resulted. Over  8 out of every 10 people here on earth are members of some sort of religion.

Unity, light, love, kindness, charity, prayer, meditations are common spiritual concepts.

There have been many positive and negative facets of world religions. However the ramifications of organized religions at times may diverge from spiritual teachings.

Honoring spiritual views have an important social, economic and moral role. At the same time due to the misuse of power by many religious instructions many conscious individuals may tend to mistrust or doubts these institutions.

What are the common spiritual beliefs that most humans can agree upon. Are there such a thing? Would this benefit us to share a more unified worldview? If we can agree on some basic principles would this help develop a world community?

Develop some type of basic moral consensus could maybe help best direct the nearly 7 billion people here today. Divergent worldviews, and polarized positions are not just costly but threaten collaboration to address our very future.

A strong set of common interests is paramount to plant seeds of hope for the next few generations. Population growth, climate change, war, global poverty, disease, food shortages are just a few of enormous challenges facing us.

Religion plays a pivotal role in addressing not just our evolution, however, very survival if you check with recent scientific information. Simple natural resource use and consumer growth are not ecologically viable.

Greater spiritual guidance to find purpose and happiness in a material world quickly spiraling out of control is vital. Existential despair and increased self destructive behavior needs to be better addressed from establish a more ethical cosmos.

Without enlightening teachings personal insights to transform one to higher levels of potential will not be developed. Religion has helped many find their way in dark times. Rituals help to people to awaken to the sacredness of all things. Promoting common spiritual themes could influence many to open their hearts and access a new dimension of their souls.

Faith based measures offer new community possibilities toward creating new enterprises to address societal challenges. However past religious history is filled with injustice, violence, ignorance and others that are contrary to their basic beliefs.

Religions engage people throughout this planet with a sense of meaning and are important. They help shape worldviews and what people's place and purpose. Besides creating strong social networks, these institutions have economic and cultural resources to influence people. Advocating for civil rights is just one example. The American revolutions were greatly assisted by our churches.

Two-thirds of today's populations are Hindus, Christians or Islamic. Upwards of 80 percent of us are religious and this social capital has extensive communications, information and community outreach. Over one-third of today's volunteers come from faith based organizations providing invaluable public services.

Presently western culture has been too successful in creating individualism.  We have created much separateness and a form of disconnection. We are losing our ability to socialize and create greater community.  One possibility to expand our social network is coops.  There are some 1000 rural electric coops, 3000 housing coops and 1000 pre-school cooperatives.  Some 6800 credit unions serve today have nearly 100 million members.  People coming together to resolve their problems form coops.  Coops act as socio-economic enterprises to help people's need for improved goods and services.  

Developing a common spiritual language does not mean a complete agreement on all terms. However, the agreeing on what we share in. What do we care for? What has common value for us all? Air, water, land, energy or whatever resources we use. Do not we also revere?

As our future shows limitations so will our need to be ingenious in how we all share the same things. From this experience we may learn how we similarity will benefit us all in better communicating our spiritual similarities rather than our differences.   Being kind, generous, tolerant, accepting, forgiving are virtues that unite not divide us as human beings.  Finding what we agree on and how we can better live together are in all our interest.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Managing Best With Less

Focusing on using less I best expand my possible options.  A simpler life style translates for me into a richer life.  It is the old KISS acronym, "Keep It Simple Sweetheart."  Such ingenuity increases my creative spirit. When I focus on less rather than more I best manage.

Advancing my well being happens when I micro manage best taking care of both me and a my higher sense of self.  Micro manage is simply me attending decisions and actions within my circle of influence.  Taking care of my personal matters allows me to best focus on what requires my most immediate attention. Then whatever larger issues I address I do so with greater skill.

When I try to macro-manage or what I call "save the world" I spin out of control of being of greater service. Global warming, poverty and other injustices outside my control I can address by being the change on a micro level. 

I prosper when I pay attention how I can benefit and be of service directly to what I can.   I fulfill my basic needs this also allows me to help others in getting some of their needs met.  However, doing this requires care and a wise understanding of consequences of my actions. Leading by example demonstrating by deeds not words I give and get my best. 

 “How can I love all things in this world with such profound compassion and empathy while have a small sense of loathing about myself?”   I create such separation increasing my suffering.  Lessening my resistance around any pain will allow me to champion greater effectiveness.
Over the years  my inner critical voice has put me in much turmoil.  This unkind voice makes me feel inadequate, and damaged with such a fearful other thoughts.  Today I am careful how I relate to my thinking or how I identify with my mind.   My thoughts do not define me, however, may confine me depending on my present attitude whether I see the world as a blessing or a curse.

Simply my freedom is tied to how I can make the best choices.  Such decision require discerning how things will play out and what path gives me the greatest benefit. Managing best with less liberates me to my highest potential