Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kindness, the Gift of Care!

Unless someone like you cares a whole lot of nothing is going to get better. It’s not  - Dr. Suess 

The greatest gift I can give myself kind form of care. If I become careless then I too I become unkind.  Whether I am gentle with others or my own self this generous act gives back bountiful happy returns. When I care I unite instead of divide.  Acting from this deep part of my heart I transform new riches of well- being. My greatest concern is to be gentle both with others as well as with myself, since I believe we are all connected.  Lacking a sense of care I separate. I become cruel and insensitive to all things. Then, I disconnect to my oneness and greater inter-connection to life.  Simply caring or showing kindness has a tremendous ripple effect.  I multiply my joy when I relate with people, places and things in profound caring way.

As a visitor here I can improve my situation by exercising kind care. Let’s have the courage show the benefit of kindness. How I relate to my world is important. Exercising kindness stimulates the positive.  Is not carelessness a form of ignorance?

The most important thing I struggle with in my life is to be gentle with myself. When I embrace my defects, and cultivate inner kindness, inner peace becomes possible. I find that I then care happens when I accept, not resist. Being kind is a work in constant progress. It takes great care to find self-acceptance.

When cultivate my own compassion and I then can pass it on.  The more I can be friendly to all, the more I feel alive and the less I suffer. Being kind and caring, I give myself the greatest birthday present. Expanding this loving friendliness is life’s greatest blessing. My prosperity is link with daily kind acts, not mean ones. Kindness attracts friends, builds community and stimulates happiness. Being kind to others, to the world and to me, makes everything better.  Such care invites further happiness and new gifts for all us to benefit.