Saturday, June 14, 2014

Investing In WellYes

WellYes is about strengthening my well being in my connection to all things and my higher self. Developing greater interpersonal experiences opens the doors to new ways and types of relationships.  This in turn enriches every aspect of my life. Such encounters broaden my fellowships with all things and expand my well being because I am further sharing with others.  

Cultivating these values expands all my relationships since I tap into a kindness to be with whatever may arise. By forgiving  I learn to better go forth from my mistakes.  The key is to be steadfast and find out what brings me greater happiness and freedom.  Willingness, enthusiasm and inspiration take me to the next level.

Finding my greater self is an act of radical self-love.  When I go into the woods for example I can reconnect to something that makes me feel more one and in harmony with my higher self.  Horseback riding for me is another.  Connecting to this earth, the stars or whatever thing that gives me this feeling of “wow” or “awe” paramount to this united feeling of returning to my ultimate home. 

Also this helps me see what is true about many difficult and uncomfortable issues and realities with life.  It is welcoming way for me to see new potential and new ventures.   Such exploration reveals what my critical virtues are and how I value them.  Further examination of these illuminate and recharges my energy.Instead of harming myself I benefit myself. This elevates my sense of purposefulness.  

Becoming more fearless to face my uncomfortable stuff I cultivate new courage. Then, I can transmute certain behaviors that no longer serve me and cease greater opportunities.  Keeping myself open is fundamental. Also taking things less personal expands my perspective to see the bigger picture. 

Thus I lessen my inner critic but instead use greater positive self-talk. Less judging helps me create greater realistic goals.  Greater observation allow me expanded possibilities and my dreams to happen by deeply listening to whatever arises. This aids me to best integrate my genuine self.  When I celebrate my blessings and exercise gratitude as a daily ritual this keeps my wellness in check. Also I prosper when I  focus on being centered so to best serve. What results is an increased sense of tranquility, joy and  harmony. 

Paramount is that I micro not macro manage.  Showing  by example adds to my  fun, grace and sense of new awe. Expanded responsibility liberates me to new possibilities.  I find the wealth right here and now since each moment of life is a present.  Surrendering to greater unconditional love I receive and enjoy my happy returns when I give it my all.

Below are examples of ways I exercise WellYes:

May I give my thanks to all life's gifts, and further count my blessings.
May I pay my respect to how all things are interconnected.
May I give thanks to the air and my lungs that I breathe.
My I give thanks to the sun and my heart that provides energy.
May I give thanks to my body and water that provides life.
May I give thanks to my spirit and the land that sustains me. 
Thanks to all my ancestors and future beings. 
Thanks to all the things on the earth that make life happen.
Thanks to our amazing web that unites all together.

Monday, June 9, 2014

WellYes Now!

Well-being happens by enacting a realistic action plan making more with less in three ways. 1)  Creating greater possibilities.  2) Celebrating developing new prosperity.  3) Keeping appearances up and expenses down.   This quest is done around several ideas with the theme of - Promoting life assurances not life insurances.

* How can I live everyday as my last and leave this world better from my actions then I found it? Or give the best to the world, show my greatest potential to be more alive, here and in the "wow."

* Who can I partner or find allies with to share in this adventure.

* What will be the best way I can help myself and others so I can better serve my time here?

I feel more alive when I am kind and gentle. This act of forgiveness and acceptance increases my inner love. This accounts, corrects and transmutes my mistakes as lessons and my curses into blessings. Exercising  my value I build my wealth

Now I venture out to discover what best serves me.  Sailing out into the new seas of discovery, I must navigate around the huge icebergs of those hidden habits that used to enslave me with their dark patterns.

Focusing on key questions, and then reframing them guides me better forward.  Using the momentum of my past successes I illuminate future prospects by further tapping my inner wealth.

The key to my venture is awakening to my choice point.  I can either remember or not.  If I pause with the intention to activate some greater fearlessness, I can liberate myself into a field of new possibility and light. Showing my value and my wealth of spirit increases all facets of my life with bountiful new possibilities of prosperity.

 Set the Intention 
1) Make it happen -  Increase friendship, projects and interconnection activity
2) Celebrate another great day of living with new art, creations and inspirations
3) Recharge my energy
4) Have fun and laugh a lot along the way
5) Show up in a more vibrant and skillful manner
6) Practice/Play/Be/Become/ Clean House and Let Go

Pay Attention to Principles
1) Awakening to value- Listen to what really matters and see it's profound worth
2) Interacting to show it- treating things with kindness, respect and wisdom, for example leaving things better then you found them, showing people I really care about all things. Take time to fully arrive to the present.
3) Maximize and minimize- Use both what I have and be productive- output over input show I use more/waste less, effectively  find grace so to  minimize my footprint and maximize my contribution. Be more blessed and leave no mess.
4) Employ the Prefix the 4 RE's -REframe to see the opportunity, REnew with gratitude, REfine your situation, REcreate whatever presents itself,
5) Transmute the Possible- Create the Intention You Never Know Until You Find-Out while you Pay Attention to Cultivate Further Virtues
6) Enjoy the Happy Returns- It’s not about the outer; it is about the positive inner feedback you get that returns and returns.