Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paying Attention to 3R's

Radical higher care happens when you apply the 3’R’s - Relax, Reframe and Rejoice!

Relax- Let go of expectations, outcome and any need to control

Reframe- Get small so to see what is big. Change your perspective with humility, kindness and patience to see the all sides of whatever comes up. The less it is about the “me” and the more about the “we”, the better. Humbly awaken with a higher or more unified perspective.

Rejoice- celebrate what you can learn. Every moment is a teachable experience to listen, learn and show our gratitude from this experience.

Now there are 5 great ways to feel more alive and well:

1) Be present. Immediately exercise your greatest gift, to simply find joy all that is by just being. Use what you have here and now with creativity and ingenuity. Focus on “newness.”overcoming any greed of “moreness”or arrogance of "otherness".

2) Let go! Begin fresh with nothingness. Everything you need is here. Listen deeply or exercise your “hereness. Less grasping and clinging results in more freeing and being. Unconditional surrender lessens painful circumstances.

3) Balance! Good, and bad go back and forth. All things balance through opposite forces, wealth and poverty to use all the unwanted thing so to awaken out of fears and loves. Accepting what comes us is our life’s challenge

4) Be With. Greet and embrace both disaster and triumph as identical twins. The more can show up to behold our most negative emotions the greater happiness we may discover. Less resistance equates to monumental stress reduction.

5) Heartfelt. Quieting your mind and open yur heart. What has heart and feel the earth. Focus on awakening to treat all things as sacred. People, places and things all interconnect since earth and heart have all exact same letters.

I challenge you to see the benefits of the 3 R's- Relax, Reframe and Rejoice. Being present, letting go, balancing, being with and showing heart compliment the 3'Rs, with greater well being and prosperity!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A New Freedom - LOVE

When I remember this moment I celebrate a new freedom. A divine heavenly contact with what is happening right now is my greatest form of love. In any given moment I can expand my heart with the intention of loving kindness and so will benefit by paying attention to what matters most. Or I can remain asleep to the suffering and torment I create by feeding my negative emotions. Can I awaken with exercising greater self compassion?

Having the courage to empty myself of the past and future just to celebrate this presence liberates me from my conditioning. This remembrance also gives me new possibility to full accept our situation without resistance or desire. I have the opportunity to rewire my primal negative response to see a more positive outlook of what is right instead of what is wrong.

Such a state of being shifts my separateness into a oneness to see the interconnection of all things. This process allows greater light is to shine within me. Also this unlocks me from the emotional story that imprisons me so much of my life. I fully awakened when I allow my body sensations to ground me to the “here and now.” Also this allows me to experience my highest truth. As saying goes, “the past is history, the future is a mystery, that is why they call the present a gift.”

So love means to engage with a new momentum all those virtues that benefit you to empty myself by Listening, Observing, Valuing and Enjoying whatever presents itself. Whatever cards are dealt to me, work with not against your hand.

Listening is about hearing at a deep level by pausing and becoming still. I can best awaken by unifying not defying my experience. Listening requires a profound letting go of becoming to just be. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, just see what is true from a new, fresh perspective of what arises and falls in now. Experience the dawn of what arises out of darkness. What will this new sunrise look like since no two are the identical. This leads me to observing.

Observing is the radical act of not judging but seeing from different eyes. What is this experience about? Regardless if it is positive, negative or neutral such inquiry is about being a witness to the mystery. As I observe I find all dreams are real. Hidden in this story I can become more whole by seeing when how I fragment when I judge. Once I get out of this ego feeding behavior I can evolve to a higher awareness of what really is happening, free of rationalizations and other defense mechanisms. Observing is an offensive mechanism to unite me in a higher state of consciousness.

This leads me to what I value or cherish as a sacred or divine. What we deeply value will transform our wants to psychic needs; such transcendence distinguishes us from our primal ape brain to one that sees the unity of all things. Values cultivate virtues which heighten the awareness. This ascension for what we deeply value allowing us to relinquish the drama of wants and desires we have to a self actualization of what really most matters. Observing shifts me to value that I may let go of manifesting results to the act of enjoying whatever presents itself.

Enjoying is simply engaging joy. What brings me the greatest light, love and possibility? Material things may bring me joy for a short time but what deeply sustains me? True enjoyment touch the very core of my being with a sense of peace, harmony. Enjoyment happens when I merge as one or awaken to see my greater connection. Looking into a star filled sky or watching the waves greet the beach are a few of the billions of ways we may enjoy. Beyond the pleasure we become joy by willing to be in that moment with all that is.

LOVE is the ultimate arrival. It is not the journey, however, a process of letting go to what constricts me and allowing my full expanded self. This is freedom to LOVE (Listen, Observe, Value, and Enjoy) may way to be liberated.