Sunday, July 21, 2013

Earth/Heart Inner Light Celebration

May we celebrate the wisdom that illuminates from our heart and this earth. People all over are observing   this July 22nd by showing gratitude to the teacher by their disciples. In both Hindu and Buddhist faiths celebrate the full moon day of worship known as Guru Purnina. For Hindu’s this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, observes the memory of their great sage Vyasa, who both wrote the Brahma Sutras and was born on this day.  Fittingly Buddhist honor this occasion since Siddhartha Gautama gave his very first sermon at this exact same time. May you celebrate your Guru. We all have the potential to be wise teachers if we find a Guru who helps us remember that we all possess this luminous potential.

May you contemplate that you are your own Guru. Quiet your mind and observe stillness similar to pure bowl of water. We are all Buddha's challenged to become lighter and less dense.  Just before Siddhartha's enlightenment Mara tested him with many tempting distractions. Gautama became AWAKE and as the Buddha touched the earth as his witness. Let us bear this same witness and touch our earth/heart. We all one and the same interconnected light awakening.  

This festival of honoring lunar light reflected by our sun reveals how a spiritual teacher similarly illmuinates their students.  When paying homage to the importance of one’s beloved Guru, known as the remover of darkness, the disciple benefits for keeping alive their inner lamp.  This ritual commemorates the Guru and the benefits of their wise teachings again and again. 

In India, Gurus are of supreme importance in helping their students transcend the chains of sorrow and death and become liberated by this profound experience of Consciousness. On this full moon please celebrate our evolving and higher self by our Immortal and individual connections. We all are illuminated by the reflection of this  cosmic lunar occasion.

Many blessings and truly, may you deeply touch the Guru that shines within and all around you!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Be Well

Right now is a great time to appreciate being.  While death is inevitable choosing to fully live is optional.  Neither avoiding nor holding on too tight may I embrace the present experience as the journey.  May I be fearless, joyful and peaceful.  Fully enthusiastic may my heart be happy, free and well!

Since I never know when my last moment will be why not live my life as if every moment may be my last.  Not to be morbid yet fully engaged into my very being, fearless, awake, accepting to whatever comes my way.  Otherwise my anxiety of being stimulates greater fear and negative states of being.

Facing my mortality, and embracing to leave this dimension from an intention of enthusiasm and appreciation, may I remember that in any given moment I can be alive instead of holding my breath with each new development.

I can be filled with joy, presence and possibility or I can be sad, absent and stuck in the past.  Breaking from my ancestors negative messages I can reframe my fears into the gifts to be fully heartful.

How can I best cultivate a peaceful and free way of being?  Show the greatest form of self love where I embody grace, wise response allowing moment to moment awareness to be my guide.

Listening to my body I find my inner truth.  What has heart and meaning comes from me exploring discerning my fears and shadows.  Embracing them I find that home is right where my heart is.  All things are sacred if only I can remember to arrive back here and now.

It is time for me to let go of old ancestral messages that I am not enough.  For me to fully be I must walk new mental paths to promote grace.  Remember that to move in peace, love, and courage.   To fully be myself I must expand my frequency of possibility with light and compassion.

I am not tentative, I no longer doubt, I am perfect.  Waiting I find that harmonious relations will respond in kind.

Since all things are connected I can best serve by demonstrating being well.