Saturday, December 20, 2008

Resolve and Intention for 2009

Every year I celebrate the New Year with the intention of testing how far I can extend my heart. Exercising greater compassion is a present I give my self for the next year. By quieting my mind and allowing my heart to extend I celebrate greater mystery and wonder. Anxiety and despair can easily overtake me with negative critical and cynical mind-sets. This time of tremendous stress can alienate me unless I reconnect more actively with my natural world. Mental and material attitudes can rob me of greater spiritual experiences.

Lao Tzu named this experience of unable to describe things as the Tao, “I do not know what to call it.” All things or the source is both shapeless and silent. Chang Tzu described as, “It is not a thing itself.”

Allowing my heart to explore the space between nothing and everything I find an ocean deep of compassion. This space of emptiness can allow me to accept life and death as all things arise and fall. Simply nothing is separated and everything is interconnected.

This transformation transcends me to a higher self. Lao Tzu described this, “to embrace all is to be selfless.” So when I remember my being and shift out of becoming I better see my universe. This shows me life is filled with endless circles defining time and space where there is no beginning or end. Serenity comes to me when I from observe this harmonic process. When I surrender this natural chaotic order everything falls into place in the present. The future and past are just clouds in the mind. Flowing with this immediate attention to what is happening at this moment a doorway of freedom opens. Now liberated I am transformed by this magic of acceptance.

So I pray to the four directions to behold me with:

1. Self love
2. spiritual protection
3. gratitude
4. divine guidance

May I celebrate that I;

- Listen deeper
- Forgive more
- Find what is true
- Embrace my shadow
- Stimulate self kindness
- Venture being vulnerable
- Risk personal heartbreak
- Profound caring for others
- Freely experience experience

May we find greater loving friendly insights Allowing the emergence of heaven and earth forces to interconnect I can expand my love affair with this universe. May all things be free and benefit from selfless compassion. May you find greater self kindness, harmony, peace and happiness for 2009!