Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Heartfelt Brain Health

A friend of mine just shared with me a talk she saw on Brain health. Dr. Paul Nussbaum talked about it's a lifelong process to increase brain resilience. The brain has immense power, and you can shape your brain for improved health.

Below gives you 5 basic components of to increase your brain health, according to Dr. Nussbaum:

1.  Socialization : Keep involved, build friendship & family networks, develop purposeful activities. Cultivate what is positive - since our brain dwells to much on the negative. Let go of resentment and anger. Be kind to all including yourself. Compassion, faith, and other virtuous messages give your brain better health.

2.  Physical Activity: Walk as much as possible, engage in aerobic exercise, dance, garden, and even write with your non-dominant hand. Using both sides of your body builds brain resilience. Do routine things a different way than you always have.

3.  Mental Stimulation: Do novel and complex things -- get away from rote, passive activities, Travel, Learn 2nd language,  and play board games/puzzles.  Use the healing power of music and other ways to cultivate wholesome acts.

4.  Nutrition: Increase Omega-3 fatty acids (fish, walnuts, almonds, etc.).  Decrease processed foods, bad fat and sugar; Increase anti-oxidants--  and have 6 servings of fruit/veggies daily

5. Spirituality: Pause, relax and open to a new sense of calm.  First slow down and unplug as much as possible.  Learn relaxation procedures, meditate or pray daily.   Work on breathing rhythmically and slowly several times a day (deep breathing relaxes the body, and betters manage your stress). Power of turning inward is a great medicine.

Improving your brain's health and well being is the best thing investment you can make. Stimulate your like minded and positive relationships:  increase your physical activity; stimulate new mental possibilities; feed yourself healthy foods; and cultivate a relaxed and contemplative spirit by listening to your heart to improve your mind.