Thursday, May 28, 2015

Seeds for Future Blessings

As human race accelerates, invest your time to contemplate on what future blessings are in your best interests.  Also reflecting on such creative prospects is beneficial for all things.   If you weighed humans compared to all other living things on this planet we are just one one-millionth of this earth’s biomass. Let's show such lightness. Quiet your mind and now listen to your heart! Being grateful, courageous we can enlighten yourself as a wiser being.  

Your freedom is directly tied to being responsible.  Focusing on your ability to properly respond is the gateway to your liberation.  Becoming inspired by the joy of excelling your greater potential is paramount. We are not separate yet united by a greater connection and this is a treasure map of possibility.

Our body and the earth are mutually bonded together.  We are made of mostly carbon and salt water and so is much of our blue/green home. It is time for us to reconnect to the very spirit of things.  Yes all things are a part of a larger web.  Just as we are organic so is everything outside us.  A greater and higher source mysterious joins us by our shared presence of this life, here and now.

As we listen and become more still we touch the awe, grace and wonder that unites us.  Matthew Fox (Sins of Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh) uses the word “magnanimous” to describe our collective generous spirit.  Sooner or later we give up our body and it used once again for new life.   Such an act is kind since it shares and shows how all things have a spirit of sacredness.  Simply observing a raindrop is a divine act. We can become greater lovers when we shed our separateness to find oneness.  Such generosity of spirit excels our very well being by its very creative definition.

There is an ancient wisdom about our common connection or kin.   The word kind comes from the concept of family or lineage. Kindness is all about expanding our heart to see how we are greater not lesser. Such kinship are reflected by primary Lakota prayer, “To all my relations.” When we honor our greater connection with kindness do you not feel better?

When we are able to respond we pay attention to the virtuous intentions of generosity, kindness we expand our great connection.  This liberates us to profound heartfelt awakening. 

There are three paths to this heartfelt"ness" are: 1) gratitude; 2) courage; and 3) wise being.

Giving thanks allows us to transcend our negative mind states. Courage allows us trust to align with how the mystery unfolds. Also such fearlessness allows us to be of greater benefit .  Finally wise being is differentiating what you can and cannot do to excel, being of greater service.

Quiet your mind listen to your heart! Gratitude, courage and wise being are virtues that transform curse like fears into blessings. You can count on this if you just pay attention to exemplifying these behaviors.  Fostering kindness and generosity plant seeds for future blessings and liberate yourself with divine possibility. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thanks, A Gift the Keeps on Giving

Gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving to both you and others.  Counting my blessings rejuvenates me. Nothing can be more beneficial then expressing gratefulness for all the ways this life has benefited me. Just maintaining a state of gratefulness re-energizes me, and moves me to shift my attitude so that I look for the silver lining in every cloud. Instead of looking at things as a curse, I can see them as the blessing they truly are lessening the curses that have such potency.

The power of gratitude leads me to a greater sense of purpose, and a richer life. Invoking appreciation gives me a profound sense of joy, and links me with all things, filling me with a sense of harmony and well being.

Appreciation creates for me a more wholesome mindset that reconnects me to the things I value most. Living this way creates a greater sense of possibility and freedom. My feeling of gratitude expands when I reflect on how all things must be respected. And I feel more humble as I observe the mysterious spirit of this world.

Exercising my gratitude is a wake-up call for me to remember what matters most. We live in a critical time, and how we can best deal with it comes into question.  Awakening to how we can see each moment with a clear mind, as a new event, is an action I would define as "the attitude of gratitude." This approach not only liberates us from suffering, we become more mindful of the possibility of being truly open to all possibilities.

The act of compassionate gratitude is a form of stewardship that allows me to be more sensitive and respectful of people and nature. I become mindful and deal with all things in a sacred way. Cultivating this kind of relationship with life fosters a sense of devotion and divinity.

What do I appreciate right now? Can I hear the birds singing outside? Can I simply enjoy hearing my own heartbeat?  How grateful am I to all those things life on this planet has given me?  Do I cherish the food, shelter and other gifts? Let's say I have just moments to live, would I count my blessings? What would I wish to do to give my thanks?  The very nature of my entire life and my liberation comes down to embracing these questions.

To remember to appreciate life here and now, is the art I wish to cultivate. Today's world makes it so easy to fall into darkness. Why is that I am unconsciously afraid of allowing the greater light in? Am I paying attention to my senses? Or I am held captive by a self-destructive story of shame and loathing? Can I remember to listen not just to my own body but that greater one that connects all things?  Reverence for this earth opens the door to my happiness and freedom.

To be free, I must change my various behaviors and attitudes that imprison me with negative and unwholesome consequences.  Sticken thinken and paralysis analysis are the various ways I have recycled my past to curse my future.  It is easy for me to fall back to the same old "I-am-the-victim, or the poor-me" mindset. Just becoming enlightened enough to stop "should-ing" myself can be a wonderful first step.

I have the freedom to fully appreciate my life when I practice loving friendliness. This comes about only if I am mindful and exercise right intention to transform an abiding gratitude into action. How I train my mind to greet all beings and events with loving kindness, provides me with the opportunity of changing a curse into a blessing.

So I return again to appreciation, and I count my blessings and take note of what I have in my life to be grateful for. When I awaken and show reverence through these actions, I prosper. Gratitude for me is about cultivating four skillful things:

-Showing up in the present moment.
-Paying attention to what has heart and meaning!
-Giving a positive voice to what I see!
-Remaining open to all possibilities while being unattached to outcome!

Appreciation is both a loving and a kind method of being with profound affects and effects. Developing my appreciation offers me a sense of greater peace, and freedom. It's amazing how this gift, gratitude spreads when by simply being thankful.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rejoice: Lead with a Pure Heart

May we all rejoice to lead by example with a pure heart.   I/we have a gift.  It is found deep in my illuminating heart.  I am divine and interconnected by all the things we share here on this beloved earth.  May I share this gift to others showing reverence for all things.  As an individual when I become selfless this unites me to a blessing of oneness.

Can I skillfully exercise my free will to be more unified?  Such higher intention provide increased illumination to better myself and others.

It is the little things that become huge.  Simple listening, pausing, breathing, eating, walking and other ordinary things become transformed by deep contemplation revealing their extraordinary quality

How can I best seize these moments of life?

All life is healing an experience for me exploring the opportunity to become apart of a greater whole.  Venturing into new possibilities may I fully engage with this fantastic mystery.

Accepting that at any moment, life can be either heaven or hell, I find this equanamous perspective.   May I be inspired to see all experiences can be either a blessings or a curses depending upon my frame of mind.

Honoring a attitude of virtue I transform any given situation from worst case to the possibility of something better.  Even the most devastating circumstances can become invaluable lessons.
All life is preparation to exit this world or plane of being to beyond.  Every moment there is death.  Accepting this truth liberates me.   Reverence for both life and death is purposeful in a bewildering world.  How I improve my relationship with my shadows is another momentous quest.

Being creative is one path to find this bliss to liberate myself.  The truth is that I am unaware of the ways I deny myself to freely live.  I become imprisoned by my fears and passions.  Also when I allow unwholesome states of mind.

Exercising a mindset of greater peace, joy and harmony unlocks my chains.  I can be free when I become more selfless or in greater service.  Focusing on joy, peace and freedom is a vigilant ongoing process of finding reverence from my greater interconnection.

Cultivating myself to my higher being is task of constant remembering.  Rejoice by modeling how you may cherish all things including yourself.  Such full heartedness plants seeds of future well being. Being the light of change has a ripple effect guiding others on a smooth voyage to celebrate the treasures of one pure heart.