Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cultivating the Higher Self

One of most amazing insights is how can I love all of life so intensely while not fully embracing parts of my own self? Cultivating self love in time will evolve into greater reverence for the interconnection of all things because of self actualization. Paying attention to my deeper spirit requires tenderly listening to my own heart beat and accepting my divine self.  Nature constantly reminds me to explore all facets of my inner world.  When I show how I care for all things then I see how linked in I am with the great web of life. The delicate balance for me is how I relate to all things.  My greatest challenge has to see how I can expand my love and forgive myself at times when I fall short. When I realize my universal love is like a tear drop then I unite into the cosmic sea of compassion.

My suffering is lessened when I realize that the “I” is really a “we.”  In my difficult times I search for some harmonic alignment no matter how horrific things are.  This is a birthing process bringing 
us a luminous gift of greater awareness.  This enlightens my shadows filled with deluded wants and brings forth my higher needs.  There is no greater treasure than expanding my higher well being. 

I find my true purpose when I deal with my adversity in a proficient and peaceful manner.   Also I lead by example.  When I can face my own anxiety a greater peace of mind results.  Going and accepting within is the best way if I can prosper.  If I be fearless to confront my most difficult issues then dealing with the world outside becomes much easier. Again when I get still, silent and profoundly listen to my heart I find the courage to benefit. 

A rich life comes down to these skillful interpersonal skills.  How I treat all things, most importantly accepting my profound self opens up new possibility and opportunity.  Expanding my lightness of being is linked to my higher relationships: with my self; people; things; and places.  These are extensions of my larger self. My highest love is inter-linked with all things.  By developing a kind positive feedback loop a ripple effect extends my compassion in all directions. Greater awareness that all things are not separate, I become united by this awe and wonder.  Trusting my mysterious journey is about what comes up not my destination.  Accepting my higher self I arrive at my refuge filled with light and love.   

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Time to Ray Cycle

First say to yourself what you would be: then do what you have to do. ~Epictetus

There is no better gift to myself then to cultivate my higher potential. I now challenge myself to refine a character I past created. I had a vision of inventing a Super being who championed having fun while saving things called Ray Cycle.  Besides sharing the trademark of this comic hero with the State of Connecticut, this creation allowed me to accomplish alot of amazing things. On April 1st 1986, I proclaimed", Your not dealing with a full deck with you throw the joker out,"running for an American Precedent on the U.S. Capitol steps dressed as a court jester.

For years I have dreamed how I can reincarnate this recycled being.  I believe that all of our relationships are interconnected. This common strand both binds us and offers me unlimited possibility. Now can I re-create a identity so to once again celebrate my profound gratitude for all things.  

Since I am a living love poem sharing my love, empathy and hope. This heightens my deepest well being.Treating all things with respect, kindness and consideration I celebrate my greater self and inner wealth.

All around the world people of all walks share in this similar sacred acts.  Using less, and living in a wholesome way we reap many benefits.  Furthermore when I show my boundless compassion for this planet, its people and resources I tap into my higher and greater potential. 

Better use of resources such as reducing waste and preventing pollution or any of the other ways that I rever my world gives me joy.  Also now my inner game is to kindly be of greater service giving me a tremendous peace of mind.

Honoring many virtues I integrate together my inner and outer world. When I lessen my load I pass on a mightier gift that keeps on giving while helping me find my higher potential.

Leading by example, sharing, joy and loving friendlessness are a wonderful ways to gracefully live. Using localized materials, celebrating ingenious resource use and bringing community together with acts of kindness plant seeds for out future

Such care giving results in greater inner heartfull care. It matters not if this is done outside or in.  How I best relate to my world is what truly matters. I challenge you to prove me wrong.  So much of life we becomel distracted by doubt, depression, and other self- destructive mind-sets. When I focus on my higher potential I transform my fearful walls re-creating now a drawbridge.  Ray has been Cycled.  Thus used again to benefit me and my beloved home, Earth. All great things flow in a circle and so may my higher potential expand outward while I celebrate my inner light. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Inside Job

Right now is a great time to show kind thanks for my inner being.  While death is inevitable choosing to exercise grace, awe and wonder is optional.  Neither avoiding nor holding on too tight may I embrace my present experience as the journey.  May I be fearless, joyful and peaceful.  Fully enthusiastic may my heart be happy, free and well!

Since I will never know when my last breath will be why not then celebrate every moment as my last.  Not to be morbid yet fully fearless, awake, and accepting to whatever comes my way. Otherwise my anxiety may escalate into greater fear and negative states of being.

Facing my limited time here, and embracing to leave this dimension with an intention of enthusiasm and appreciation, may I remember that in any given moment I can be alive in each breath. 

I can be filled with joy, presence and possibility or I can be sad, fearful and stuck in my anxiety.  Breaking from past conditioning I can reframe these patterns into the gifts to be fully heartfelt

How can I best cultivate a kind, peaceful and free way of being?  Show the greatest form of self love where I embody grace, wise response allowing moment to moment awareness to be my guide.

What has heart and meaning comes when I listen to my inner truth.  Observing and discerning my shadows I can learn by waking up instead of my old habit of  judging .  Embracing my defects I find that home is right where my heart is.  All things are sacred if only I can remember to arrive back here and now.

It is time for me to let go of old ancestral messages that I am not enough.  For me to fully foster a mindset of grace I enjoy what is fully present.  This in turn moves me in greater peace, love, and courage further expanding my luminous and empathetic abilities. 

I am not tentative, I no longer doubt, I embrace my shortcomings.  Patiently I wait so I may find that harmonious relations will respond in kind. 

Since all things are connected I can best show reverence to life’s sacred hoop being well.