Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Numinous Possibilities

In the silence of the stillness I see the earth and
sky interconnect. Thick roots intertwined and a miraculous
circuitry runs through the black earth, and rocks.
Another neuro-network anchoring a gigantic grey oak trunk.

Solar bound this tree's huge branches reach in vast community of

organic arms into the cosmos.  These branches lifted skyward spinning
an amazing web of connection similar to their sister’s roots system below. 

Tiny green leaf buds are nurtured by trillions of rays of star shine.

Brilliant and illuminating bands of white, yellow, orange and red
traveling millions of years greeted these future leaves.

Lucidly I observed that this tree is us. Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and
other nutrients electrified this cellular organism by a mysterious
particles wave. Our amazing water bodies are being purified by these
celestial ultra violet lights influencing every atom here.

The transmutation of these astral lights forms a union of opposites
grounding the heavens with our earth; rooting the soil with water and
air charged by this extraordinary solarized phenomenon.

Out of darkness chaos roots recycle new leaf life. A numinous one-ness

is born beyond concepts. Where the sea meets the land or air touches
the water. The mystery of this whole, where a moment becomes a trillion
years. A rare synchronous and numinous events celebrate the unification
 of our inner and outer worlds.

Rays cycle- circulating the elements of all known things, simultaneously
dancing light
and darkness in unimaginable ways.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Celebrating My Divergent Micro-Being

When I first visited Sparky, my therapist, I had diagnosed myself with acedia, historically “the bane of solitaries” (, since my spiritual apathy was equaled only by my existential angst.  His insights became precious touchstones for me in a sometimes emotionally perilous, moment-to-moment existence.  How can I go forth amidst the overwhelming information of loss, despair, ignorance, and destructive injustices that characterize world affairs?  My cynical mind-set toward our doomed society was imprisoning me in the lethargy of a victim mentality.

Since Sparky is a divergent thinker like myself, he enabled me to see and deal with my life on a micro level.  To begin with, I was unaware that I was a “divergent thinker”, attempting to fit into a convergent, deductive thinking, mind-set.  The dominant process here is to follow logical steps in order to arrive at one solution.  My free-flowing, divergent mind is spontaneous, creative, and non-linear.  I emerge with unexpected interconnections.  My thinking is more contemplative, persistent, non-conforming, and inspired by my curiosity.

Attempting to repair damage from the macro convergent perspective creates gridlock.  For example, if I attempt to assess what can be done about government waste, I am met with the political reality, known as “use it or lose it”, a stance that recognizes that maximum spending today increases the expectation of future dollars coming our way.  Emotionally, my circuit breakers shut off and I become estranged.  However, if I just focus on my own individual ability to “use what I have and prosper”, I am free to use less, to respect my air, energy, water, and land.  And I personally benefit.

This practice of Micro-Being allows me to best exercise my talents for cherishing and appreciating life’s gifts instead of being distracted by my anxieties, this macro circle of concern.  It requires me not to ignore or deny what is going on in the larger world, but rather wisely to filter the constant barrage of negative news.  The key is to let go of what I have no power over and to act with a pure heart.  Now I may humbly concentrate on deeds that make a positive contribution.

My practice of Micro-Being involves three remembrances:

     *Be kind and generous to all things, especially myself.

     *Honestly and humbly evaluate what is in front of me right here and now.

     *Once distracted, forgive myself and return to the creativity of my divergent Micro-Being.

My three prayers:

      *May my choices honor and enrich my micro world and well-being.

      *May I be blessed with a Micro-Being Positive Feedback Loop.

      *May my choices benefit the macro world, lighten it, and never prey upon it.

I am not the predator or the prey, just a kind and wise Micro-Being!