Monday, December 31, 2012

Light Humor Elevates My Consciousness

As long as we have been conscious, humans have attempted to make sense and meaning of their life and world.   As humans we are both serious and humorous in our quest to answer such questions as:  what is our purpose here?

I challenge you to ponder these two questions in entirely two extreme modes of thinking. One with intense seriousness and the other more relaxed and with whimsy.  What are your findings? 

Most great thinkers have explore many "levels" of consciousness of being wise and foolish. For example the ancient and mystical Chinese teacher, Lao Tze, joked that no one could explain Taoism since it was unexplainable by its very nature.

Today our extraordinary serious problems require extraordinary states of humorous consciousness. With scientific advancement even our best neurologists are careful to make broad statements about the nature of consciousness. Since there is major religious dogma around such intelligent, divine and higher states of understanding reality much prudence in any definition of “higher consciousness” comes into play.   The basis of most religions are based in best knowing what is real whether Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist or whatever denomination.  

For example Buddhist concepts of reality, describe where the upper reaches of the continuum are referred to variously as religious ecstasy, nirvana, or enlightenment ironically without uniquely gifted with a sense of "I" since no-self is key concept to get to this state.   Other religious definitions may include "lower forms of life" or less complex awareness of their environment having less effective means for organizing their experiences. Some people insist that "consciousness" begins with human beings, who have a more developed sense of "I." Just defining such higher awareness a debate can arise over the “self” versus the “not-self” definition of such elevated consciousness. 

Do “visionaries”, "saints,"  "prophets," or those similar; operate at a level advanced perspective? Do these people understand more because of the extra ordinary experience? The very definition of what wisdom maybe comes from also being a fool in our lifetime.  The ability to laugh at one self will shed light and such discerning may result in more open consciousness. Being more creative and imaginative certainly gives us greater options in viewing what is real. 

In addressing higher or elevated levels of consciousness we must also make sure not make judgment of less or lower states of consciousness. 

Nobility and true innocence emerge as we live out our comic natures in the face of greater forces of fate and destiny.  Avoiding the embarrassment of failure, ignorance, and foolishness only keeps us ignoble, humorless, and bound in our secularism, because deep humor arises out of our genuine piety, from bighearted acknowledgment that life cannot be circumscribed within the perimeters of our knowledge and intentions, no matter how enlightened and well intentioned these may be.   This humor is a sign of religious faith, not necessarily belief in any one story or leader but the faith that comes from the standing on the edge of your own existence, and in the face of absurdity, courageously, and humorously allowing life to happen[1]

In developing a higher level of consciousness being light comes into play versus being so dense. Humor can be a simple response, in how we see a given situation. How we re-frame it, misdirect, how this reality comes into play. Transforming normal thinking and re-creating it either as a parody or giving it an unexpected result may be enlightening. The enjoyment of "laugh" can be in connecting the meaning of both ends of the paradox.  

Humor can provide linking interrelationships by relating two things that are usually not in mind as related. People may even think that a higher level of consciousness" is itself funny because comedy itself balances things or is a lower level activity. 

I invite you to explore your own experience.  Notice when you play with children how they create fun?  What kids do with each other in more light heart context since this, show they become aware things. Pay attention how they create humor?  Observing in play whether children joke or use humor to benefit or harm is very insightful.  For example if a child laughs at or makes fun of another person beyond certain limits this may be unhelpful.  

Humor at someone else expense is not appropriate behavior. However when humor is skillfully applied it can provide key insights and stimulated increased consciousness and wisdom.  Laughter can be a vehicle for awakening and important discoveries or new creative ways of seeing life.  

Seeing the comedy within any of our experiences sparks new potential to awaken to greater realization of what is true.  Laughter has an amazing transformation from being so identified with inadequacy. Skillful humor for show me how to celebrate my greater connections with life. Making fun of my fears can liberate me from my imprisoning deepest phobias.  Wholesome laughter gives me a profound heartfelt experience. 

There is a magic of not seeing things so seriously and see a bigger picture.  We can re-frame that any curses also have blessings and meaningful qualities.  The choice we have in life is what lens we look upon it.  Different perspectives can free us from our delusional or victimized point of view.

Skillful humor allows me to celebrate my virtues and prevents self-punishment when I transform my inner critic into a comic. This flow is a synchronized mind/body practice like laugh yoga.  

Making fun of my fears can free me to become more fearlessness beyond my deepest phobias.  Both a soft and tender expansive quality emerges within me as I gently experience a profound heartfelt shift. This delightful state of compassion skillfully balances any sorrow with joy.  

It is liberating of not taking oneself so seriously and this dissolves ones ego.  Not ignoring what is ugly, bitter, blind, and sad we can re-frame that any curses also have blessings and meaningful qualities.  The choice we have in life is what lens we look upon it.  Different perspectives can free us from our delusional or victimized point of view

Seeing the comedy within any of my experiences helps me lightly touch new possibility truth and appreciation each instance of life’s awakening.   Joking helps liberates me from being so dense and uplifts me by the funny lessons life teaches me.  Laughter simply gets me out of my head and recharges my heart.  From seeing how I transform my fears I become braver to see what is true so to balance both disaster and success.  Laughter transmutes my negativity with the positive so  I may awaken to new possibility and  better deal with difficult circumstances.

[1] Thomas Moore, “The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Lives,” Harper and Collins pg.  183- 184

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wise Laughter: Consciousness Change

Wise laughter gives me greater light.  More light makes me more enlightened in this quite heavy world of trying to find meaning.  My experiences around my health, happiness, joy, and contentment always comes to a crossroad - one that leads up and the other down. The one going down is my rational, cynical “what is not”, where reality is about old age, sickness, death and other fun stuff.  My other is about being light hearted.  Wise use of humor gives me an upward feeling of well- being.

Expanding instead of contracting, including not isolating, being kind instead of mean work better for me. Humor is about accenting my virtues, gratitude, kindness, enthusiasm and forgiving my shortcomings, greed, desire and selfishness.  There are two bizarre ways of going eclectic or pragmatic.  I can allow my perspective to be either well or ill?  While I can see bad in good and good in bad what does this do to change my consciousness? However, a better question is do I wish to be ill or well?

Ill thinking comes from anxiety, distress and other roots of mental illness. This leads people into dis-functional, ineffective, and unhappy emotional states.  However, I can learn from this bad experience if I can see the humor in it.  Reframing these negative judgments into a more humorous observing I become creative. Pursuing higher consciousness of what is really true or happening, I can better see what is helpful instead of what is causing me more harm.  A lot of my problems come when I unknowingly project my negative crap on others.  My pointing hand has one finger pointing to someone else and three finger point back at me.  

Everything comes down to this humorous reframe of higher consciousness, instead of closing the door by practicing more harmful behavior I can open my windows of imagination and apply more wholesome conscious ways of being of help not hurt.

Please explore your realms of consciousness to see what works better for you. Light or heavy? Light or dark?  What gives you a better experience of life, reality and purpose? 

Let’s adopt Rabbi Howard L Apothaker’s A- Z  alphabet with a sense of humor.  From AWE – Awaken With Exercise, precede more with Zealous wise comedy. Drop the walls of down of ill suffering and now use this new drawbridge to wellness.  Adjust, alter, amend, modify, change, correct, revise or reword your mindset or state of mind and see what happens for the better.

Explore the A-Z and what conscious words best resonates * 

From animosity to affability,
From bigotry to blessing.
From cruelty to caring.
From deception to devotion.
From enmity to engagement,
From faultfinding to forgiveness,
From greed to generosity,
From hostility to heartfulness,
From injustice to integrity,
From jingoism to judiciousness,
From Klanishness to kindness,
From lewdness to love,
From maliciousness to mercy,
From nastiness to niceness,
From obstinancy to openmindedness,
From prejudice to peacefulness,
From querulousness to quietude,
From ridicule to respect,
From selfishness to sacrifice,
From trash-talk to tact,
From violence to values,
From warfare to welcoming,
From xenophobia to examination of self,
From yelling insults to yielding ground,
From zero-sum to a zeal for cooperation.

Rabbi Howard L Apothaker, "An Acrostic 'Days of Awe' Prayer"


Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13 New Moon Dance

The last new moon of December is an ancient and powerful symbol. It reminds us to clear out the old and create anew.

Astrologers point out that this time of the year brings us into a closer axis—a point of paradigm shift as we are both the center of the universe and a minuscule point of light amidst the infinite bowl of celestial lights. It is a time when the canvas is blank, and we are free to create any picture we desire. It is a time to join with others and discover more creative solutions to our seemingly endless problems. Change is indeed possible, if we are prepared for it.

More creative solutions to our problems are possible.  Change is possible only if we are ready for it. Seeds of our future will only manifest unless we plant new ideas and start acting upon them.  We may find greater understanding of our place and purpose after our death and rebirth experience in Scorpio.  

A new psychic beginning is awaiting us if we can write a different story that is not fear-based but create new realms of being a lover, artist, healer and teacher. Our dreams and nightmares shape our lives.  The more we can see these two imposters as blessing and curses then we may awaken.  Seeing both sides of the coin we find greater truth and resolution of harmonic dance we all are apart.   

Sculpting our beliefs to what has heart and meaning we free ourselves from our old tired story that can constantly replay.

Every moment is an opportunity to discover a new light within our life.  If we remember and  present to the mystery, we may awaken to fantastic possibilities. All we have to do is see things as born anew.  This Zen beginners’ mind begins new path for light, love and laughter. We have greater capacity to fully be real and realize.  Also we can decide to let go what is old and no longer useful. The key is being aware of the precise choice point that we can be free if we opt to release.

This Moon cycle is blessed with greater optimism if we may show greater empathy since all living and non-living things are sacred and fellow neighbors.  Also we simply get what we give out and sharing is paramount. Expand the twinkle in your eyes!

Generosity is the tenor of this time. Also manifesting from this spirit is the amazing happy returns the cosmos gives us back. As visitors here we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This heart-filled fearlessness opens trillions of doors of new possibility. Let us celebrate with a new moon dance!