Monday, January 10, 2011

Here-nesss with my Heart

When I listen to my heart it creates “Here-ness”. This is a radical way to exercise self love. There are many diverse ways for me to explore this compassionate place. When I quiet my mind, and listen to my heartbeat I cultivate this priceless experience. This is a sacred gift I give to myself.

As I explore the nature of my love my mental phenomenon becomes better understood. This sense of genuine inquiry becomes clear when I judge less. Also being more gentle and friendly increases this special way of “being.”

Recognizing, or noticing the sensations in my heart allows me to test my courage. Can I open myself to experience without any judgment, resistance or grasping? The essence of is to realize how my compassion can open greater awareness.

Today my world is busy, reactive and always on the move. However, there are many helpful relaxation and loving kindness skills to allow me to arrive here and now. Such skills can quiet my mind, get me to remember this moment and allow me to cultivate greater stillness. Allowing myself to “be” instead of “becoming” I can let go of all my “doings” and simply rest in whatever is happening in the present. When I discover what is happening now I awaken. When there is no controlling I can let life be just as it is. This helps me best take care of myself. Also I experience both clarity and insights and discover greater truths when I pay attention to my heart. Such presence results in a calm and collected mind, aware with an open heart.

Experiencing this state of loving kindness allows me to best show up to what is present. Yes, this presence is a present. Also I can explore greater freedom by seeing whatever arises and not being so attached to what comes up. Being more openhearted, and sincere allows me find greater wholeness and liberation. When I become more gentle, loving and friendly to what arises - be it pleasant sensations or fear, peacefulness or confusion, then I can fully celebrate the moment as a gift to myself. This heartfilled meditation cultivates self compassion, friendliness and kindness- providing me with the tools to best address my inner and outer world.