Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cultivating My Virtues *

What are my present-moment virtues? Will I simply be locked in a dark, tiny room within my negative mind? My “here-ness” is the key—a transformative one—to enter my world of virtue.

I must remember my “now-ness” as it is in doing that that I can exercise my full potential to be here and now. Relaxing with an intentional pause, or simply slowing down, lights the way. In the act of being mindful or of remembering, I can celebrate a loving and kind intention that enhances my own well being. Eventually to embody and to excel, I can cherish the unity of all things.

It is only when I pay close attention to my own intention of virtue, will I be free. I pray to be authentic, to be trusting, gentle, determined, patient, kind, courageous and bountiful. In that I trust that I will reap the treasure of grace.

Translating Five “R”Words Into Deeds

Reword in order to speak with virtue. Recognize the present teachable moment. Reset clear boundaries. Re-honor through virtuous application. Re-solve by companioning with unity.

Reword and empower your virtue by reframing the language of discouragement into the language of inspiration. Acknowledge, guide, correct and be grateful. Speak virtuously.
Recognize the blessing by illuminating what is right instead of what is wrong in the present teachable moment.
Reset clear boundaries in order to differ the subject from the object, the observer from the judges, the intention from the attention. Reset boundaries.
Re-honor by integrating virtue in all things through assertiveness, respect and trust. Re-honor by virtuous application.
Re-solve by offering companionship with compassion and detachment. Understanding and caring can, at any moment, increase your own well being through detachment from negative emotions and cultivation of positive virtue. Resolve by companioning with unity.

can transform language that discourages to language that encourages. In the moment I can empower myself to truly respond or I can deplete myself and react. Using virtue, I acknowledge, guide, identify needs, correct and thank--thus awakening the best qualities in myself. By changing my language I can consider a shipwreck as a dream cruise. By diminishing my reactive language, I can increase my own joy. The key to doing that is to virtuously speak. By simply changing places from the judge to the observer, I can truly discern; by willing my inner critic to be my inner creator, I benefit by becoming stronger, more powerful and more capable. By attributing positive power to my inner language, I transform the world around me. Reword so to virtuously speak.

Recognize that every moment offers me the opportunity to grow and learn. There is no greater way to access my full potential than to experience the virtue of peaceful mindfulness in the now. First, acknowledge the gift of being in the moment; second, correct any distraction through focus on the thoughts, words and actions in the present; and third, be grateful for the space to be in the now. Recognize the present teachable moments.

I create a safe place and Reset clear boundaries through asserting purity and order. This enables me to keep unwholesome words, thoughts and feeling outside the boundaries. My inner picture is of a safe haven wherein I find love and respect. This gives me a peaceful sense of well-being. Re-setting defined boundaries.

Each new breath invites me to mindfully Re-honor myself with the spirit of virtue in assertion, respect and trust. I strive to assert what is right and true for me in this moment. I recognize my reverence for all beings and all things. I trust in the possibility of what is to come, and I bring my full potential to that which will be. In doing so, I can counter doubt with determination and confidence. Re-honor the spirit of the virtues

Resolve I companion as I deepen my meditation. I see how all things are interrelated when I reach this point of compassionate detachment. As I deepen my concentration, I develop a profound sense of caring presence. Such understanding heightens my serenity. I empower my senses to become fully aware of what is happening.

Next, I invite profound listening and silence in order to be fully receptive and show up to whatever arises. I go to the heart of what is happening. When I have fully emptied myself, this empty container can accept and receive without any judgment.

Further exploration as to all possible open-ended questions helps me best empathize and integrate my situation. What are my feelings, my sensations, my perceptions and other states to focus on?

I reflect on the virtuous answers in response to my feelings. This allows me to find closure and integrate my feelings and thoughts. Finally I acknowledge my virtues with a mirroring statement of affirmation. Re-solve offering companioning with unity.

Meditating upon my virtues is a joyful activity that stimulates my present purposefulness. Being mindful and attentive stimulates countless peaceful techniques and revitalizes loving kindness in any moment. When I remember in any given moment, I can revitalize my well being by detaching from negative emotions and cultivating virtue.

For example when I seek joy rather than desire, I embody joy. As I meditate, I energize my senses by reframing how I hear, speak and act with virtue. Acknowledging and remembering in order to reframe, I correct my mindlessness in any given moment resulting in an attitude of gratitude.

A deep focus on the here and now in the consciousness of virtues shifts me from being identified with my negative thoughts and anxieties. Some scientist estimated that three quarters of our thoughts are unwholesome. For example reflecting on enthusiasm, unity and the bountiful other virtues, I become free of my negative thoughts. Restlessness gives way to deep peacefulness.

In more difficult times, I may recite virtuous statements of aspirations to overcome adversity. Just saying “May I be filled with peace, love and unity,” or “May I celebrate harmony, possibility and purposefulness” gives me renewed confidence.

There are endless possibilities for me to apply the virtues whether walking, standing, speaking, or lying down. I commit myself to diligence and use of these gifts of character. I can open the door to new growth and learning. There is no greater way to access your full potential then to experience the present virtue of peaceful mindfulness. First, acknowledge any gift of character while remaining present in this moment. Next, I can correct any distraction or sense of being locked out by fully arriving with this opportunity. Finally, I am so grateful for pausing, and remembering my purposefulness thanks to my “now-ness.

Reword so to virtuously speak
Recognize the present teachable moment
Reset clear boundaries
Re-honor by integrating virtues; and
Re-solve by companioning with unity.

ACT with Tact for me is an insightful meditation experience. First, I can Acknowledge any of my gifts of character while remaining present in this moment. Next, I can Correct any distraction by mindfully reflecting on these conscious thoughts, words, and actions as they appear. Finally, I can be Thankful for pausing, and remembering my purposefulness with my “now-ness and celebrating the loving kindness of this act.

*These words, phrases and ideas were adapted from the Virtues Project™

Everything has been thought of before, the question is how to constantly remember your virtue now - Rob Arner

Cultivate Virtue in yourself, and Virtues will be real.
Cultivate Virtue in the family, and Virtue will flourish.
Cultivate Virtue in the village, and Virtues will spread.
Cultivate Virtue in the nation, and Virtues will be abundant.
Cultivate Virtue in the world, and Virtues will triumph
- Lao Tzu