Thursday, August 6, 2009

Developing More Wholesome Skills

Everyday I wish to challenged myself with becoming more skillfull so to stimulate what is more wholesome. Certainly I wish not to consciously invite the opposite extreme of fostering negative stuff into my life like harmful things, people and situations to poison me.

Creating wholesome acts cultivates happiness and prosperity for me. By deeply seeing through my ignorance and delusion I can engage in living in a wiser and more mindful life. The Buddha years ago developed four foundations to mindfullness. Becoming more aware of how I cling or avert to people, places, or things allows me to explore ways I can see what is true. Such truth can liberate me from bad habits or redirect me from going into areas that increase my suffering.

To see the truth, I must learn how to calmly concentrate. The Buddha once said one who concentrates sees correctly. By providing myself a more loving friendly setting I can relax my mind to become more insightful. Such inquiry allows me to observe how both my mind and body can better work together. Also such investigation uncovers past habits or conditions that are unhelpful. Exploring my mind I see both how it works and its interconnection to my world. Also this profound vision provides me a portal to both the sources of my happiness and causes of my suffering. Kindness is another skillful technique that increases my well being allowing me to foster greater love towards myself and all beings.

Becoming mindful of my body I can arrive in my body through just simple breathing or explore the rapidly changing sensations and vibrations of my body. Yes, all things come and go! Mindful of my feelings whether if I they are positive, negative or neutral regarding to taste, touch, feel, sound, smell or whatever mind objects provides me the opportunity to explore one part of my self so to inspire it to a higher level of selflessness. When I become mindful of perceptions it allows me to see other perspectives, possibilities, potentials and new choices. Mindfull of volitional formations provides me with understanding how I act or react in all my relationships. Finally increased mindfulness increases my consciousness to see how to light up my shadows containing with ignorance, greed and delusion.

Finally, things can be unsatisfactory, however, more wholesome skills can lessen my suffering. Also I can chose to cultivate a greater sense of well being. The key for me is to remember to pay attention to this wholesome intention. Heaven or hell can happen within a blink of an eye whether I am asleep or awake. My daily challenge is: what I am doing, saying or thinking is of benefit in any given moment? Being aware and employing these skills rewards me since I become more wholesome and free.