Monday, January 27, 2014


When I reconnect to the mystical inter-relationships that cause all things in this world to work together, I experience what I call Rejoy!  The return to profound joy.

How is it that I ever separated myself from this source and hub of connectedness?  Surely, it must be my personal issues, my self-consuming concepts, mental conditioning, and habits, that trap me in fears and despair.  But then some of my silliest selfish wants will actually overstep themselves and remind me to let go and expand my heart.  With remembering…  putting it together again, comes the rebirth… the Rejoy!

I can get there by philosophical, cognitive, remembering of what I know about the unifying spider web that holds together all things created by earth, air, water, energy, and other sources.  These elements, all finite and ultimately transient, provide life for me and show me the sacredness of all things.  Networks of ecosystems exchange birth, death, and decay as energy material constantly being recycled.  I find liberation in this finite oneness.

Another way to get there is by observing nature.  When I look up to the star-filled night sky, this experience unites me with creation beyond what words may describe.  I touch a place without causes or conditions, an unlimited treasure of joy and grace.   My heart expands with greater loving-friendliness.  Such awakened oneness is not about ideas and beliefs, it simply generates a deep trust in the greater self, my divine nature.  Then my miserable issues dissolve like a cloud in the sky.  I deeply listen and become one through the transformative direct experience I call Rejoy!