Saturday, December 11, 2010

Possibility and Choice

There are two magical words- possibility and choice. I challenge you to explore them to what comes up. If we open ourselves to possibility we then have a choice to venture into new unexplored frontiers.

If you listen to the ocean or the wind through the trees you will hear the deep collective heartbeat of this universe. Up and down, raising and falling, back and forth, this in and out wave or particle activity interconnects the entire universe to the rhythm of the vibration of both life and death. All things are one in this universal beat of love and communion.

It is time for the Foolish Shaman to reveal the extraordinary non ordinary way. Not so much to bring forth the present tragic truths but to invoke the spirit of possibility. The comic can change themselves while the tragic become changed by their situations. Within this serious chaotic hurricane is a funny and calm eye. When we awaken to the facts that tragedy are about separation. And this dividing line of losing control of outside things forces us to take refuge with fooling around with our inner stuff is the great awakening of survival. Yes what face a ludicrous wildly dying planet where the wild card jester is seriously holding the deck together. Both priceless and penniless a new freedom of love, laughter and mirth comes in the form of grace.

In a society that discards jokers we are realizing that such toxic psychic acts are symbolic we as human beings are not dealing with a full deck. This wild person represents a part of our collective mind that brings clarity and insight. What do we value, what is important at the very essence of our earthy soul. Yes, our heart is what matters and everything else is a joke. We have been mad about material things and now we face the edge of the non ordinary, the wild where spirit and matter coexist. This wilderness world we have ignored now we understand sustains us. Rippling oceans, fantastic rivers, and so on water bodies are our bodies. We are not separate but apart. The insanity is when we think we are different, divided, and detached for what gives us our very life is our oneness.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Appreciation Now

This harmonious connection with life awakens in me the understanding that everything in my world is only alive in the present moment. As I empty myself of ego preoccupations with the past, and concerns over the future, I am truly awake to the moment, and in such times, I find in myself a feeling of greater compassion for my fellows. The act of compassionate gratitude is a form of stewardship that allows me to be more sensitive and respectful of people and nature. I become mindful and deal with all things in a sacred way. Cultivating this kind of relationship with life fosters a sense of devotion and divinity.

Appreciation creates for me a more wholesome mindset that reconnects me to the things I value most. Living this way creates a greater sense of possibility and freedom. My feeling of gratitude expands when I reflect on how all things must be respected. And I feel more humble as I observe the mysterious spirit of this world.

Exercising my gratitude is a wake-up call for me to remember what matters most. We live in a critical time, and how we can best deal with it comes into question. Awakening to how we can see each moment with a clear mind, as a new event, is an action I would define as "the attitude of gratitude." This approach not only liberates us from suffering, we become more mindful of the possibility of being truly open to all possibilities.

What do I appreciate right now? Can I hear the birds singing outside? Can I simply enjoy hearing my own heartbeat? How grateful am I to all those things life on this planet has given me? Do I cherish the food, shelter and other gifts? Let's say I have just moments to live, would I count my blessings? What would I wish to do to give my thanks? The very nature of my entire life and my liberation comes down to embracing these questions.

It seems much of my life has been enslaved by my unconscious acts. When I am only partially aware of my actions, I am truly as if asleep, and thus in some way imprisoned. My mind does one thing while my emotions feel conflicted because my decisions come from fear rather than from love. Where can I find the courage to change and allow my soul to become liberated? How can I learn to keep in mind that all things will pass, and to let go of my material world? To remember such a simple thing like coming home to the appreciation of life here and now, is the art I wish to cultivate. Today's world makes it so easy to fall into darkness. Why is that I am unconsciously afraid of allowing the greater light in? Am I paying attention to my senses? Or I am held captive by a self-destructive story of shame and loathing? Can I remember to listen not just to my own body but that greater one that connects all things? Reverence for this earth opens the door to my happiness and freedom.

To be free, I must change my various behaviors and attitudes that imprison me with negative and unwholesome consequences. Sticken thinken and paralysis analysis are the various ways I have recycled my past to curse my future. Only in the present moment I can pause and take a new course down a road toward light instead of journey off a cliff.

I have the freedom to fully appreciate my life when I practice loving friendliness. This comes about only if I am mindful and exercise right intention to transform an abiding gratitude into action. How I train my mind to greet all beings and events with loving-kindness provides me with the opportunity of changing a curse into a blessing. First by identifying the various ways I create ill will, anger and judgment, and doing something positive about making a change in my attitude—only then do I have the chance to liberate myself. This is a form of action I call radical acceptance, and it can only happen when I constantly observe what is of benefit to all. By awakening to wholesome mind states, I can best go forth. And more, I will require patience to mindfully change some old habits and patterns. Finally, I have to show more tender loving care and forgiveness to myself as I engage in this transformational process.

So I return again to appreciation, and I count my blessings and take note of what I have in my life to be grateful for. When I awaken and show reverence through these actions, I prosper. Gratitude for me is about cultivating four skillful things:

• Showing up in the present moment.
• Paying attention to what has heart and meaning!
• Giving a positive voice to what I see!
• Remaining open to all possibilities while being unattached to outcome!

Appreciation is both a loving and a kind method of being with profound affects and effects. Developing my appreciation purifies me and offers me a sense of greater peace, and freedom. It's amazing how gratitude spreads when you're just grateful.

My idea of myself, my life, its meaning and all that other stuff comes down to how I identify things. Critical is how I observe but not fully identify with all my thoughts. How I see myself can be either a blessing or a curse. Most of life I have struggle with a good self identity. However, when I find how grateful I am for what I been so fortunate to have I shift to a higher self.

Increasing my appreciation or thanks for giving is a powerful evolutionary force. This generous act has numerous happy returns: increased wellness, joy, and all around better well being. Now this healthy and wholesome attitude of gratitude improves me in so many invaluable ways.

This skill to better exercise my optimism increases my connections to all things. When I count my blessing I prosper. I feel better and I most fully live by this practice to reciprocate. Gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving back to me.

There are bountiful ways to I can show my appreciation. Creating a daily journal about specific good blessings that happened. Adopt a gratitude buddy to share your list of good things or write thank you note to someone who has assisted you. Celebrate your day by a daily pause to stop and focus on what’s right and how lucky you are. If you can’t sleep or in a bad frame of mind review what you appreciate about yourself and life. Use language that encourages instead is disparages to reinforce the positive. Surround yourself with inspiring and beautiful objects, music, pictures, and writings. The more you create a setting filled with reinforcing grateful reminders these loving kind acts multiply.