Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Earth and Us

We all come from and return to the Earth.  Yes, maybe we are also made of some distant stardust that has been recycled from millions of years before.  Our bodies are made of the same materials as everything associated with this planet.

I use the endearing term star shine or star dust since this is our primal essence.

We are composed of roughly one-fifth carbon and calcium atoms coming from ancient recycled stars billions of years ago.  These rays were cycled when they collapsed as white dwarfs and exploded as supernovas forming stardust.  Born in a universe 14 billion years old, 93 billion light years wide with over 300 billion other stars.  I guess we are speaking of a finite not infinite universe.

Our planet almost 5 billion years old were life appeared almost 4 billion years and the first hominid creatures showed up a billion years ago

Mostly salt water, carbon, oxygen and many other of the same chemicals, and compounds. Interesting is that our heart is a huge pump that circulates blood and other nutrients so we may function.   With profound humility I find much appreciation when l reflect about my connection to this place and all things that enable me to be here.  The Earth and I are one and the same and my heart celebrates unification .

The word human itself comes from the root as humus, earth.  So too does humble, which makes better sense because the best way of saying humble is to realize you're made of.  Long before science came along to explain the minute details of it happens, cultures all around the world knew that our bodies are made from earth, and when we die our bodies go back to it.*

* The Map of Heaven , Eban Alexander, 20114 xiii

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Heart Flow

When I fully open my heart I enter a flow state.  Entering this state of awe I become fully absorbed with all aspects of my moment to moment experience. Entering this flow I find less resistance, and greater rhythm with all aspects of my life.

Greater inner and outer connections happen.   For example I mention to a friend about my sacred relationship with hawks and then I immediately hear a hawk cry outside.  This form of serendipity results when I become more intuitive or right brained.

In this flow, I become more self-actualized, unified and aware.  Entering a more compassionate and trusting state I open to greater possibilities.  Fear based emotions such as doubt, despair, and controlling lessens my flow. Flow is about a zone of effortlessness, and ease.  I experience increased unity and harmonious connection with everything.

It is if I am kayaking on the Shenandoah River and I become the water, absorbed, alert and fully conscious.  The awe of flow brings a form of tranquility, and oneness. No longer is there just the sum of the parts, however, a more vibrant whole.

At times I enter a sense of timeless concentration in this flow state. I even can find stillness in this state of actualized movement.  I become fully immersed in whatever I am doing, however, maintaining a heighten awareness of my surroundings.

There is divine energy or chi when I flow.  This momentous state comes a form of inspiration not desperation.  A more loving  and kind psychic force happens.  An  alignment with the TAO or natural way happens because of flow. Acting in this  Zen place I am unified with a natural pulse. Instead of being with the breath I am the lightness of breath. Great leaders, artistic or athletes exhibit this charismatic zone.  Fully concentrated and motivated work and play become one. 

There are virtuous indicators of flow since I become more open, trusting, fearless, compassionate, sincere and present. Flow Mihaly Csikszenthalyi describes as, "an optimal experience, a state of concentration so focused that is results in absolute absorption in an activity."

When I tap this flow of my heart I touch a higher consciousness and apperception.  I have  unconditionally arrived in this heart filled place.  Flow gives me grace and appreciation of this illuminated way of well-being.