Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heart Laughter

When I bring humor to my life it enlightens my basic goodness and appreciation in all things including myself.   Remembering to be more comical liberates me from being so dense.  This uplifts me from the funny lessons life teaches me where I may see and accept any of my shortcomings.

Such a fluid mental attitude can transform my inadequacies into courageousness where I can balance both disaster and success.  Transmuting the negative with the positive I awaken to new possibility to deal with difficult circumstances.

There are many times I take things too personal and serious.  These situations offer me the opportunity to laugh at my adversity.  Such wisdom allows me to surrender to my circumstances and transmute any curse into a blessing. For example I can reframe what blocks me into creating greater building blocks.

Heart laughter is about realigning me to enter into a more tranquil flow with whatever happens.  Laughter brings heartfulness- observing how funny and sacred things interconnect. 

Humor awakens and liberates me to a fearlessness addressing my deepest phobias.  Both a soft and tender expansive quality emerges within me as I gently experience a profound heartfelt shift. 

Heart laughter reminds me of my awakening to go beyond my external outcome so to arrive at my genuine state of being.   Humor lightens my baggage where I let go of my personal agenda. Cultivating this inner folly happens when I fully let go while also showing up.  No clinging or grasping I can embody a lighter presence without any possessiveness. This delightful mix of compassion and mirth skillfully balance my sadness with joy. Humor helps me see a different perspective sometimes alerting me to my delusional or victimized point of view.

When I pay specific attention to this heartfelt intention I explore the mystery of contradictions reducing my stress.  Chuckling at life’s paradoxes and struggles I release my tension seeing the brilliance in any dull grey sky.  Heart laugher heavenly shifts any of my cloudy mind states with seeing its silver linings.

Heart laughter does several things for me.  I find a more humility and gentleness.  Such mirth uplifts my energy and brings vigor.  Humor dares me to be outrageous and increase my courage to explore what is true.  Finally laughter is spontaneous, uncontrived experience of fulfillment.

Heart laughter allows me greater insight into vision a more cheerful, youthful, and vibrant.  Also skillfully joking what is benefit is powerful.  Humor holds nothing back and creating new possibilities. This revelation emotionally liberates me since I can better accept whatever may bother me.  Heart laughter allows me to be grateful in whatever misfortune or negative mind state that arises.   It frees me to a greater experience of opening my heart to life’s humor.