Friday, August 6, 2010

Beloved George's Example

Today my brother departed. I profoundly grieve the loss of George. This kind spirit was always there to help and support me. Now, I cry out to his spirit to give me strength to mend my broken heart.

George's departure is a wake-up call how I will better live. Often I run and hide in having the courage to face the beyond. Accepting George's example requires me to confront many profound questions. This ultimate challenge creates a tremendous urgency to observe what is important and matters. One simple answer comes, “to be or not to be,” as Shakespeare once referred as this is the question of expanding my heart.

May my beloved brother's passing provides me courage to serve with greater compassion. May I embrace my loneliness, and despair so I may find the light within this darkness. From this experience today I vow to remember to see both sides of positive and negative as being one and the same. George thank you for your example. George you have closed one door and opened another where I can pass on your love to others.

Four Things
Prudence K. Gearey

These things are beautiful beyond belief;
The pleasant weakness that comes after pain,
The radiant greenness that comes after rain,
The deepened faith that follows after grief,
And the awakening to love again.