Sunday, February 15, 2015

Courage to Fully Be

In our culture so intent on becoming it takes special courage to fully be. Both the mind and body are unified in this heart filled concentrated state of awareness fearless to arrive in each moment to accept whatever arises.

Teaching skiing has given invaluable insights on fear and its sharp edge.  This sport is about balancing on skis containing  edges to help one turn and stop.  My job is about minimizing my student's risk and maximizing their ability to best go forth

Creating the proper mind set to be relaxed and vigilant requires confidence to enjoy the task at hand. Negative self talk and distraction is what we all are struggle with. Staying with one's fear is a tremendous learning experience.

Whatever beliefs, concepts, ideas I have about my present experience gives me an opportunities to become more friendly, gentle and open to what arises. Applying this virtuous filter counters my hard wired fight/fright reactive habit.  Being an actor rather than a reactor shifts from the fear to love.

When I confront what I fear the most I become liberated.  My greatest life challenge is to have the courage to fully explore my shadows and aversions. It has been said, "the way out is the way in." When I can slow down, pause I can gently arrive and become alive, when I go too quick then I can easily freak out and become consumed with fear.  Touching the moment where I can address my fear with a form of grace I may transform it.  Beyond my fight/fright response I find new possibility.

My greatest fear is that I am buried alive or drowning. Other fears happen how I become identified to my story of being inadequate, heard, approved of and host of other things. Also when I over analysis things my fear increases. Worry is form of being tied up. Embracing my fear gives me great clarity.

Fearlessness is a conscious shift to uncharted places where I find greater oneness and connection. Listening to my beating heart I profoundly touch what it means to be alive. Courage is a rebirth to fully be one in my heart, mind and body so to best deal with whatever arises.