Friday, February 15, 2013

Comic Hero

One of the oldest stories is the trail and tribulations of the hero.  Differing from the tragic personality this person evolves.  In the beginning this character is foolish since he is life experience is limited.  However, given time this person becomes wiser. 

The comic hero explores with courage a primal journey of myth, mystery and wonder.  There is an ancient story of a wounded ruler creating a wasteland and then the healer arrives.  His/her heroic quest in some sacred manner to make the land and its people better once again.

Finding what is true is essential in this soulful quest.  From such inner visions emerges a message of some form of renewal affecting all the live in community.  This journey spirals in stages where the final one is about the Fool.  Maybe this is because the fool or trickster defies any one proper definition.

Carl Jung used this archetype from historical sources to shine greater awareness upon our unconsciousness or shadow side providing greater insights.  The Tricksters sparks new curiosity to wander and explore new truths in diverse unconventional ways.  Experimenting with creativity this fool or beloved artist ventures with compassionate in alternative life styles searching for greater mirth.

These tricksters laugh away any self-importance because they behold wisdom or even a “higher consciousness” beyond just mortal concerns.   Joy results when the fool observes and does not judge the flaws of our current social condition.    This liberating recognition of not being identified by just our ego lessens our suffering and the course of our journey.  The fool makes us free by allowing us to fully accept this world as it is. 

The court jester has a long history in entertaining rulers by offering differing perspectives.   Also these pranksters do things to Kings and Queens no one else would dare.   Their influence influences decision making of addressing the lies and the truths.  Walking the razors edge of pain and pleasure, they act as to best balance by helping to release the tension of stressful situations.   Court jesters risk everything to offend all to get the laugh.

All comedy crosses the gap of reality and fantasy creating a new portal of imagination shifting whatever shape the situation was once in to absolute newness.  The difference between a real-world reason and make-believe create the comic conflict and the joke releases this tension.   Whether the conflict is with people and their world, or someone normal in a comic situation or a comic in a normal world the resulting humor unfolds.  

The comic hero takes countless forms- prophetic, chaotic, insightful, and other enduring qualities.  These people create a presence from the absences shifting difficulties into opportunities.

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